The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. FV | A Fresh Vision of Blackpool

    2023-01-20 11:50:48 UTC
    With a travel time of 4 hours, visiting Blackpool was never a pleasant experience for me. The Blackpool Magicians Convention always took place in mid February. This time of year means it is cold, wet, windy and just plain miserable. Even more so Traveling to the north west of England. …

  2. FV | The Bigger Picture

    2023-01-19 14:22:42 UTC
    Fresh Vision for 2023 is all about seeing the bigger picture. Allow me to share what this means to me. My Subject Matter has become Space. My Vision has become much more in tune with the space around me. The Space and the Background is now my broader and wider…

  3. Completing The Circle

    2023-01-18 03:45:25 UTC
    The image above was created by my Cousin Sumayah. When she sent me the image I was immediately struck by the poignancy of this moment. Mum carried me at the beginning. I carried mum at the end. The circle of life is complete. 🙏🏽🦋🙏🏽

  4. Fresh & Natural Vision

    2023-01-17 17:50:02 UTC
    Fresh & Natural Vision - this has been my mission since the start of 2023. I now understand what this really means. Throughout my journal and ”Blogging”, I have shared my point of view, my gear choices and my various projects using different focal lengths. This Journey and Journaling has…

  5. FV | 365 - 2023

    2023-01-17 14:51:20 UTC
    Well now, here we go This is will be my 365 Project of fresh Vision moments for the next year starting today. There will be no narrative other than the image. My only intention is to share one image per day on this specific page; it will be a live…

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