The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. A Fresh Vision

    2023-01-02 18:38:00 UTC
    Welcome 2023. It was a quiet start to the new year for me. I experienced my self feeling very flat and jaded. I decided to stay home to see the new year in. My intuition told me to protect my energy. My neighbourhood felt energising today. I felt happy creating…

  2. 2023 | Uncertainty; New Possibilities

    2023-01-01 21:40:26 UTC
    Out with the old, in with the new. Nature reminds me to just glow with life.

  3. Walking My Own Path

    2022-12-30 23:29:40 UTC
    I am walking my own path now. I am an Orphan now, albeit a 58 year old Orphan. Is it any different compared to losing both parents at a young age? James Bond and Bruce Wayne both had to contend with facing the world alone at a young age. Creating…

  4. Clarity of Vision

    2022-12-28 20:14:15 UTC
    What’s the big deal about Bokeh, Focus, Clarity and Sharpness. The XF 35mm 1.5 is a most wonderful Lens. I had fun creating this image at 1.4. I was really taken by the out of focus rendering. In fact, it triggered this post.Some of my favourite Len’s in The Fuji…

  5. Sharing Our Humanity

    2022-12-27 17:49:01 UTC
    It doesn’t take much. It’s actually very easy to connect with strangers. All it takes is a smile and a willingness to engage. Desi and Jerome were clearing up the Trees that weren’t sold. Jerome was on top of The 123 Laundrette throwing the Trees down while Desi loaded them…

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