The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. The Joy of Seeing | My World

    2021-03-31 20:11:32 UTC
    Sight. Vision. Seeing. They sound the same, don’t they? Eyes - the tool. Sight - the ability to look and stare at things. Vision - the gift to see further with our minds into an unknown future. Seeing - a beautiful experience; the gift to interpret life right in front…

  2. Contemplating: The XPro 1

    2021-03-28 19:51:11 UTC
    I don’t understand the technology of one Sensor to another. They all do the same thing, just differently. Nikon have their profile as well as Canon. Sony and the rest. Fuji is a bit special. The XPro1 has a quality I just love. It has warmth and a colour profile…

  3. Contemplating: Seeing Like Henri

    2021-03-26 13:53:24 UTC
    Henri Cartier Bresson was a magician with a Leica and 50mm Lens. I say this because in studying his images, it would be easy to assume he was using that classic reportage Lens the 35mm. After all, the Leica Camera he used was a film Camera and the Film was…

  4. Contemplation: Visual Story

    2021-03-26 13:25:20 UTC
    Contemplation on The Classic Frame: 35mm is a dramatic study. I really love it because it’s no longer about singular theme subjects. It’s about space and how the elements within the space/frame relate to each other. Here we have water, boats, homes floating in water and juxtaposition of bricks and…

  5. Contemplation: Context is Decisive

    2021-03-23 20:09:44 UTC
    The Frame of 35mm is everything. No more. No less. It can only hold so much. My Camera is not Full Frame so using the 23mm gives me the classic field of view of 35mm. So, with this Lens, I see the wide spectacle of this amazing Frame. It really…

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