The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Visions of Amsterdam | Dutch Culture

    2023-07-26 22:37:04 UTC
    The following morning after our performance in Amsterdam, Rico took me for a walk around his neighbourhood. He lives just one train stop away from the City Centre - Sloterdijk. Sloterdijk is a quiet place and just off a main A1 Motorway. A suburb, residential homes and a 10 minute…

  2. Visions of Amsterdam | Vibe of The City

    2023-07-26 12:14:57 UTC
    I appreciate Amsterdam more with each visit. It’s a privilege to travel and experience a totally different culture. My first discipline is to get a feel for a place so my trusty Lens of choice is my XF18-55mm F2.8-4. This Lens at 18mm gives me my perfect wide visual Frame…

  3. Visions of Amsterdam

    2023-07-26 08:37:20 UTC
    My journey to Amsterdam began with me documenting images the moment I arrived at my train station. It was an early start and get, the morning light greeted me warmly. With few people about, it meant a still and quiet frame. It’s an easy journey to St.Pancras, just difficult with…

  4. Immersive Vision

    2023-07-25 10:37:57 UTC
    Today, it’s all about the immersive view. The Wide Angle. My 10-24 is a stunning Lens which offers up a spectacular vision. This image of James above was created at 24mm which is 36mm on my X-T1; the classic 35mm Frame. This Frame is the industry standard. Let’s go W-I-D-E-R. …

  5. Proper 50

    2023-07-24 12:20:33 UTC
    Proper 50The 50mm is considered the optical standard normal vision. In the film days of Henri Cartier Bresson, this was the gold standard, at least as far as he was concerned. Not for me. My first ever 50mm was the Nikon 1.8g. I got it to use with my D90…

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