The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. My Neighbourhood

    2023-05-13 11:38:12 UTC
    My Neighbourhood begins with my Coffee shop. This is where you find me most mornings at Billy’s. There are many Coffee Shops to choose from. The images above reveal all the Coffee Shops in my Neighbourhood, all within walking distance from my home. I find the Coffee Shops a perfect…

  2. A Wonder To Behold

    2023-05-12 05:01:05 UTC
    I have been enjoying using my X-Pro 1 again this week. Paired with The XF50mm F2 makes for a very effective partnership. As Camera technology marches on with impressive features, this old piece of gear continues to surprise and delight me with its rendering of gorgeous images. My confidence has…

  3. Fluid Expression

    2023-05-09 16:21:53 UTC
    My Photography has now become a fluid expression. What this means is my creative act is as natural as breathing. A fluid expression means flow. Responsive without any consideration or fear. Just a natural point of being. I am in the habit now of putting a 35mm Frame around a…

  4. C,S & M

    2023-05-05 21:02:02 UTC
    Colour Science has my attention right now because I am back to using my X-Pro 1 & Nikon D700 again. I found a small 1T Hard Drive I have been using with my Laptop and it works fine. Also, I am running an older version of Lightroom which opens the…

  5. Colour Science & Magic

    2023-05-02 20:53:49 UTC
    It’s all about Colour for me. I do have Black & White Moments; it depends on the Project, like my Coffee Shop Moments Series. Converting these Colour Images to Black & White is about focusing on the stillness of individuals in Coffee Shops. My passion for Colour wins every time.…

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