The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Street Vibe

    2023-02-15 15:51:22 UTC
    What is Street Photography? This is a deceptive question. I have read and listened to many variations and interpretations on what this creative discipline is. Some definitions made sense to me. Ultimately, I decided to craft my own expression. Here it is. I began with a simple distinction; I create…

  2. Valentines Day Vision

    2023-02-14 19:24:35 UTC
    While today is my Birthday, I still felt the need to acknowledge my Mother and be still. She is now on the other side watching over me. I still use this day to be still, think of her and commune with her spirit. Today, I saw blue sky. Beautiful it…

  3. A Frame Worthy Day

    2023-02-13 19:41:35 UTC
    Worthy moments are everywhere. This is my belief. I don’t always see them, however, I am training myself to be open to these possibilities. I keep my mind and heart open simply because it allows me to be free in the moment when I see a potential narrative. A potential…

  4. A Frame Worthy Moment

    2023-02-12 20:06:08 UTC
    This is a worthwhile consideration. What is a “Frame Worthy Moment”? Imagine this; before digital, my roll of Film came with either 12, 24 or 36 possible Exposures or Frames waiting to be exposed to Light. Every Frame was valuable because every Frame cost money to develop. My Digital SD…

  5. Taken by a Moment

    2023-02-11 17:53:28 UTC
    Trigger happy street photography is not for me. My street photography is about seeing the story in the moment that it occurs to me. How do I know? Good question… I don’t. When I leave home, I have no idea what images I will create. The joy of seeing is…

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