The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. A Visit To Grantham

    2023-04-06 15:16:50 UTC
    There nothing quite like a Train Journey out of London for a few days. It’s short enough not to drag out and long enough to feel complete. My Trip to Grantham was to visit my friend Heather. She is one of my oldest friends and our relationship has endured for…

  2. Enjoying The Light

    2023-04-02 20:57:25 UTC
    The weather forecast looks promising for Easter. Only a few days, nevertheless, I am out enjoying the Light. The Spring Light is soft, gentle and warm. The Fuji XF35mm F1.4 & the F2 Version thrive on warm Light. This quality of Light renders gorgeous colour contrast. Spring is here. Thanks…

  3. Spring Within

    2023-04-01 19:29:01 UTC
    It’s the 1st April This is not a joke. Spring is here. The Weather conditions tell a different story. I am choosing to keep Spring & Summer alive within me. My images this week have featured my local park. I photograph the same scenes everyday. Same subject. Different vision. The…

  4. Seeing in Layers

    2023-03-31 17:01:48 UTC
    Seeing and shooting with Layers in mind is a fascinating concept. Layers is about using the classic frame of 35mm to its full story board potential. If you look closely at the image above, the context is a busy high street which is layered with: A Woman on Crutches Two…

  5. To Good To Be True

    2023-03-29 04:03:53 UTC
    I knew it would not last. Sunshine in this country is always followed by Rain; very often on the same day. Light is Light. The temperature of the Light in this part of the world fluctuates due to the Clouds. The Sun is always available; the Clouds and overcast conditions…

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