The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Up Close with Lego

    2017-09-28 22:57:53 UTC
    The one thing that keeps my interest high as a photographer is constantly trying new things.  Recently, I started practicing Close up Photography. I have photographed Butteryflies, Lady Birds and now, Lego Characters and grand structures. My Lego adventure began with a Star Wars construction of Master Yoda’s Space Ship…

  2. A Reason to be Happy - Carnival 2017

    2017-09-28 22:45:42 UTC
    The Nottinghill Carnival was in full swing this Summer. After The Grenfell Tragedy, West London needed a lift of happiness. Carnival  did not disappoint. There is something about the resilience of the human spirit after a tragedy that inspires us to get back up and make the day after a…

  3. Portrait of a Predator

    2017-09-19 11:32:10 UTC
    Have you ever looked a Predator in the eye?  I have.  It was thrilling and intimidating at the same time.  He did not blink and flinch, neither did I.  This was a photographic moment I was not going to miss.  He was no more than 20 feet away from me,…

  4. 30 Days with the X-Pro 2 and the 35mm

    2017-08-17 15:34:48 UTC
    I have just completed a thirty day project shooting with the X-Pro2 and the 35mm 14 Lens. This was inspired by Andrew Gibson - Andrew wrote a blog about this amazing Lens and I realised I had not really given myself the opportunity to experience how good it could be…

  5. Maida Vale - My Home

    2017-08-17 15:02:33 UTC
    I have lived in Maida Vale all my life. I love this place and can see myself here for the rest of my life. My neighbourhood is changing.  New developments are taking place right where I live.  I am using this opportunity to record my neighbourhood because in two years…

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