The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Creative Photography

    2017-05-15 14:44:58 UTC
    The Meaning of Photography:   I love creating Photographs.   Yes, you read that right, I don't take a Photograph, I create them.   What does that mean?   It simply means, any image I choose to create first begins when my eye, mind and heart connect with a moment, a scene or a…

  2. The Expression of Life

    2017-05-12 20:25:05 UTC
    I felt all of these images today.  When I go out for a walk with my camera, I have no agenda about what to photograph. It’s like the moment saying to me, “I am yours today, take my photograph now”.  I have to be ready for these moments, it’s a…

  3. Expanding Vision

    2017-05-12 00:21:51 UTC
    It is very easy to become jaded by the familiar. I have to remind myself to think and feel like a tourist. I live in a beautiful part of LONDON - Maida Vale & Little Venice. I see it everyday and think I have seen it all.  No, I haven’t…

  4. French Students in Canary Wharf

    2017-05-10 21:23:24 UTC
    I was in Canary Wharf on Business today and I met some French students before my Business Meeting. I initialy saw this image above and caught the shot, what happened next caught me by surprise. The young man leapt into the air and did backward flip - I had my…

  5. Self Image

    2017-05-09 23:09:47 UTC
    Every photograph I take is a self portrait. Thanks to my mentor Bryan Peterson for that beautiful insight. How do you see your self?   Think about this question please.   Do you “see” yourself because of your reflection in a mirror?   Imagine for a moment if there was no such thing…

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