The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Why Am I Doing This?

    17 Apr 2020
    What is my Photography about? I have enough gear to open a museum now, so what?My technique has improved.I have no style I can articulate.All I know is I see, I feel and in this moment, my desire to create an image has taken me over. What does this mean? …

  2. The Moment

    16 Apr 2020
    It takes courage not to disturb a scene. How close is close enough without my presence impacting a developing moment? How far away without being creepy? I think I may have found the perfect balance and answers to my questions. The XF90mm F2. My favourite Lens for Street Photography is…

  3. The Fuji XF90mm F2

    15 Apr 2020
    I recently acquired The Fuji XF 90mm F2. I think this may be my favourite Fuji Lens. The XF35mm 1.4 has stolen my heart for day to day image creation - however, the XF90mm has been on my Bucket List for some time now simply because I just love Faces.…

  4. Moments of Intimacy

    14 Apr 2020
    Intimacy. There’s a word to strike terror in our hearts. I had a profound shift in my relationship with this word after completing The Landmark Forum. I was taught that physical proximity doesn’t equate with Intimacy. Intimacy is about having the courage to be truly seen by another. This means…

  5. Illness To Stillness

    14 Apr 2020
    The last few weeks have been horrible. Food Poisoning sucks big time. It robbed me of all vitality and joy. Add to this the global Pandemic of Covid-19 and looking after my mother who is firmly in the grip of Vascular Dementia, that should give you some idea of my…

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