The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. The X-System | Searching

    05 Feb 2022
    X-Pro 1 + The XF 27mm F2.8. A surprisingly effective combination. This formed my walk about kit today. My afternoon walks are simply to breath, clear my mind, and not think about anything. My walks are about stillness. Peace. Equanimity. I am searching without an agenda. For what? I can’t…

  2. The X-System - A Fluid Ecosystem

    01 Feb 2022
    The image above was created with The X 100F. That tiny Camera functioned perfectly in low light. The X-System simply works and all of the Lens work perfectly on any X Camera you may have. I create images everyday. I change my Lens depending on how I feel. Of late…

  3. X-System Colour Profile

    29 Jan 2022
    It’s all about Colour for my vision. I am attracted to Primary Colours. The X-System has given us so much Film Simulation Profiles. It has taken me a while to get a feel for which I like the most. To be honest, I like all of them. To be even…

  4. The X-System

    26 Jan 2022
    I started with Nikon - The D90. I loved that Camera. Just as I was getting familiar with it, stupidly, I traded it in for the D750. I vowed I would not be sucked in by hype again. Personally, I don’t care about Full Frame or Crop Sensor for that…

  5. 10 Years Young

    24 Jan 2022
    The Image above was created using my X-T1 paired with the XF35mm 1.4. I mention this because this Camera and Lens is old. It’s part of the 10th anniversary of the Fuji Film X-System. This next image was created using my X-Pro 1 paired with the XF18mm F2 Both images…

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