The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. New Discovery

    2022-05-09 23:04:00 UTC
    I went to my Printer today to have a Draft Copy of my new Book prepared. The lovely lady said 30 minutes. So I went and searched Baker Street for somewhere to sit down. I discovered a gorgeous Coffee Shop which was perfect. I am cutting down on Coffee so…

  2. Coffee Shops

    2022-05-09 19:28:55 UTC
    My Coffee Shops are my Sanctuary. This is my spiritual base away from home. I come here to site quietly. Breath in the ambience. Be still. Read and practice. Maida Vale has at least four Coffee Shops. Billys Cafe at the top. The Peppermint above. Petite La Ville as seen…

  3. Street Photography with Bryan Peterson

    2022-05-09 09:10:00 UTC
    It was great spending the afternoon with my coach Bryan Peterson. He was in London this weekend conducting his famous Street Photography Workshop. The last time I saw him was in North West America in Seattle & Olympic National Park We spent the whole afternoon WALKING. Good shoes required🤣. I…

  4. Lockdown Tourist

    2022-05-06 18:22:03 UTC
    My Daily walks are a reminder to live in a state of gratitude. The last two years have meant no traveling. So, I have documented my life during this lockdown recording images of life in my neighbourhood. My neighbourhood is lovely. Maida Vale is calm, peaceful with a still serene…

  5. The Frame

    2022-05-05 17:13:40 UTC
    This is where it begins. The Frame. 35mm is the industry standard context for creating an image. This Frame from the days of film Photography set the bench mark. It’s makes perfect sense to me and my thinking that the 35mm Lens is a perfect match for this Frame /…

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