The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Daily Vision | Sunny 16

    2022-07-08 12:09:12 UTC
    I don’t think I will ever experience boredom with my photography. There is far too much to learn and process. Being a Professional Magician is no different. Every show reveals to me aspects of my ignorance and gaps in my database of knowledge. I have been practicing The Sunny 16…

  2. Daily Vision

    2022-07-07 12:02:24 UTC
    At the bare minimum, I must create one image per day. My mentor Bryan Peterson is always saying, “you keep shooting”. This means keep practicing; don’t let a moment to create an image pass you by. For me, this has become wired into my nervous system. I don’t leave home…

  3. Heart Beat Moments

    2022-07-05 08:53:58 UTC
    Every moment carries a message. The expression in the moment communicates something profound. Like the safety and love a child feels in its mother’s arms. Being taken by the colour in a scene. The expression of geometry amidst nature. A passion for the tools of my trade. Creating joy for…

  4. The Moon

    2022-07-04 11:12:40 UTC
    It was late last night when I saw the Crescent Moon from my balcony. I had just woken up from a nap. Without thinking, I grabbed my Camera and went out on the Balcony to create this image. My longest focal length is 300mm - that’s using my Nikkor 28-300mm.…

  5. Framing

    2022-07-03 13:58:15 UTC
    Framing and Composition is an ongoing study for me. Once again, my friend and Coach Bryan Peterson has written The Field Guide on this subject. These two Books cover everything required to create stunning images. The Images featured in this Essay were all created using the Nikkor 28-70mm & 70-200mm…

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