The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. The Great Mystery

    19 Apr 2020
    I was going through my Archives and discovered this image from around 2015. This image was created a few years ago long before I created my context, The Expression of Life. Henri Cartier declared our first 10,000 images will be crap. I can’t help but feel we need to create…

  2. A Message From Mother Nature

    18 Apr 2020
    Wake up and smell the Roses. This qoute could be considered as a way of appreciating all that Nature has to offer. This expression of life is truly magical. I love how this expression of life forces its intention from the bricks. In this expression, the force of colour and…

  3. Chasing Life

    18 Apr 2020
    This little fella gave me a solid work out this morning. Caught sight of him and moved in slowly to create the image above. A perfect moment…and then… Off he went up into the trees. I went after him. Xpro2 paired with the XF18-135mm gave me hope of creating a…

  4. Vulnerbility

    18 Apr 2020
    With Covid-19 gripping the world in a state of fear, stop and ask yourself how safe to you feel? Here we are on a ball of rock spinning in space. Planet Earth The Moon The Sun, doing its little tap dance for millions of years, with no interfere from man.…

  5. Social Distancing

    17 Apr 2020
    How far away from each other do we need to be for social distancing becomes acceptable?We have been practicing this long before Covid-19. There is something odd here. How will we be with ourselves and each other when this lockdown is over? #socialdistancing #x100

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