The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. SFS: Seeing Deeply

    2021-12-31 18:25:14 UTC
    Seeing deeply is a big part of creating a story in a single frame. This moment was created on Westminster Bridge. It was quite chaotic - lots of people on the Bridge. I saw the man kneeling and felt this in itself would be interesting. And then, The man behind…

  2. SFS: What Next?

    2021-12-28 18:46:09 UTC
    This story got me thinking. 2022 is a few hours away. What next? Who Carers? I don’t. I gave up on New Years resolutions a life time ago. This image tells me there is a big clean up coming. The Matrix is a real phenomenon. We are caught in its…

  3. SFS: Time Alone

    2021-12-28 00:09:13 UTC
    This story in a single frame connected with my lone warrior spirit. I very often need to be on my own. I don’t feel lonely. Loneliness is not part of my psychology. I am an only child so being on my own is the most natural part of my life…

  4. SFS: Engagement

    2021-12-26 23:38:27 UTC
    A story in a single Frame has one objective; you get the point straight away. This moment was picture perfect as visual narratives go: Four people Two people, know each other - they were engaged with each other. On closer examination, the man on the left is on his phone,…

  5. SFS: Narrative

    2021-12-26 20:20:00 UTC
    The Single Frame Narrative creates its own context. The Frame work encapsulates the visual conversation. This Frame reveals what is or once was. The environment for Christmas Trees. They are all being cleared away for another year. If you have been following my Journal, you will have known what this…

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