The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. The X-System | Looking For Stories

    2022-02-18 17:08:35 UTC
    To tell a visual story requires a specific Lens. As The Fuji Warrior, I am spoilt for choice: XF 14mm XF16mm XF18mm XF23mm Technically speaking, a story can be told with a standard 50mm field of view. This is fine if the nifty 50mm matches the natural vision of your…

  2. X-System | Night Light

    2022-02-08 23:20:51 UTC
    This is different to long exposure. It’s all about seeking the spot of light. The fast Lens lives for this moment. The Light at Night reveals its colourful colourful expression. Embracing the grain adds texture. The interplay between light and dark reveals energy and stillness. The story begins wherever the…

  3. The X-Systen | Fast or Slow ?

    2022-02-07 19:01:07 UTC
    Today was a first in my X-System Journey. I felt like testing the XF 18-135mm F3.5 - 5.6 Look at that maximum and minimum Aperture - this Lens is a fantastic all in one versatile optical piece of magic. Take a look at this collection of XF Lens; these are…

  4. The X-System | Searching

    2022-02-05 00:25:24 UTC
    X-Pro 1 + The XF 27mm F2.8. A surprisingly effective combination. This formed my walk about kit today. My afternoon walks are simply to breath, clear my mind, and not think about anything. My walks are about stillness. Peace. Equanimity. I am searching without an agenda. For what? I can’t…

  5. The X-System - A Fluid Ecosystem

    2022-02-01 22:26:47 UTC
    The image above was created with The X 100F. That tiny Camera functioned perfectly in low light. The X-System simply works and all of the Lens work perfectly on any X Camera you may have. I create images everyday. I change my Lens depending on how I feel. Of late…

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