The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. XPro-1 | Motor Show

    17 Aug 2021
    It just so happens that I live in a part of London which is a haven for stunning Cars. I have a driving license - I drive very well, but I don’t feel the need to own a Car. Been there, done it. My neighbour is full of classic Cars…

  2. X100F & The Leaf Shutter

    16 Aug 2021
    As a Strobist, my Photography now functions around the observation, manipulation and creative expression of Light. I don’t leave home without some form of Lighting and Modifier in my Bag. Even my tiny Pixapro Speedlight, Trigger Cord and Mag Mod System is in my bag along with my Fuji X100F. …

  3. XPro1 | CHEAT

    14 Aug 2021
    I have decided to give my XPro1 some real love. Last night , I went to see my friend Laura present her show called Cheat. This show is all sleight of hand with Cards and Laura is one of the finest exponents in the UK 🇬🇧 if not the world.…

  4. Unexpected Surprises

    14 Aug 2021
    I met these lovely ladies today. They were part of the Caribbean Culture Market today.They were promoting the idea that “EVERYONE HAD TALENT”. This caught my attention and I initiated a conversation with Gorsharon on the left. She was lovely, engaging and friendly. They all accepted my invitation for a…

  5. XPro1 | On Going Learning

    12 Aug 2021
    I really love this old machine - it has a lot to teach me. I have recognised this because in using my other cameras, I notice subtle and huge variations I how each camera renders my images. My XPro 1 has a very warm White Balance when set to Cloudy…

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