The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. SFS: A Moment To Pause

    2021-12-23 19:55:02 UTC
    I was really taken with this moment. It made me stop. Watch. Observe and simply be still. The woman sat in the railing didn’t move. I don’t even remember creating the image. That’s how quickly it happens the instant I feel the potential story. A story in a single frame.…

  2. SFS: The Light of Hogwarts

    2021-12-21 15:08:00 UTC
    Single Frame Stories. This celebration of Light caught my eye. It instantly reminded me of Hogwarts Castle. I was in Winchester last weekend meeting up with friends of mine. Before being traveling home I walked around the town centre and came across this spectacle of Light. The Colour of Light…

  3. Single Frame Stories

    2021-12-20 09:27:01 UTC
    This is a new project for me. Telling a story in one Frame. What is the story? At this stage I have no idea. What I do know, is that I will observe more. Probably shoot less. I will create images with more intent and purpose. The story will be…

  4. Back To Winchester

    2021-12-19 23:51:12 UTC
    As a Travel Photographer, I must keep my spirit of adventure alive. This means going for walks everyday and taking trip on the train out of London. Last weekend, I headed back to Winchester to see my friends Matt, Rehan and Alex - all magicians. We had a fun day…

  5. Subject Matter

    2021-12-15 19:34:00 UTC
    Once you see it, everything changes. I have read about this subject from many photographers. They often said, “expose for the highlights”, seeing the Light. While it made sense in terms of understanding English, it was quiet baffling in practical terms. These images from my Archive represent a game changing…

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