The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. People

    2022-08-25 22:07:17 UTC
    As I was editing my images this evening, the theme of people hit me. At its very core, people make up the vibe of street photography. The Human element within the frame adds the gesture of life. The visual narrative hangs together by human expression. The thing that excited me…

  2. Black is Beautiful

    2022-08-24 20:46:52 UTC
    If there is one thing I love, its photographing Black Women. This is my speciality. I take this very seriously because as a Photographic Subject, Black Women turn me on. This all began with my mother. I made a point of learning how light interacts with different shades of Black…

  3. The Big Question

    2022-08-23 20:13:24 UTC
    I am not sure there is an answer to this question. I am also thinking trying to unlock this question may be futile. This Journal entry is me having a conversation with myself about why I am doing this - creating images everyday. I never leave home without my Camera…

  4. The Paddington Basin

    2022-08-22 22:34:55 UTC
    My mother is now in her fourth week at St Mary’s Hospital. I visit her everyday; with a minimum of two visits. This means she sees me and feels my presence inspite of being in a strange environment. The Hospital is a 20 minute walk from my home. The Number…

  5. 50mm | Setting The Standard

    2022-08-20 19:10:08 UTC
    On my way to The Hospital, I decided to create some images with my Full Frame D700 and the classic 50mm 1.4. I chose this Frame of 50mm just to consolidate my database of knowledge. The 50mm Lens is called a Standard Lens, this means it matches the natural field…

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