The Adventures of The Fuji Warrior

  1. Project 23mm | Our Lady Of Lebanon - Day 2

    Date 21 Aug 2018
    My second day here in Jounieh had a strong spiritual context. My friend Pascal took me to see the wonderful statue of The Virgin Mary, “Our Lady of Lebanon”. Legend has it, that this statue that watches over the city has brought peace to this part of the Middle East.…

  2. Project 23mm - Lebanon Day 1

    Date 20 Aug 2018
    This is my first ever trip to Lebanon. The flight to Beirut felt like 11 hours. Over an hour to clear customs and then a wonderful greeting awaited me as I embraced my friend Pascal El Hakim. I enjoyed my first day relaxing and enjoying the company of Pascal, Jessy…

  3. Project 23mm

    Date 18 Aug 2018
    Welcome to my new Project. Over the next week, I will be creating images exclusively with the Fujinon 23mm 1.4. This means everything; People Places Culture Close-ups Animals…..within reasons. I am excited because from tomorrow, all of my images will be taken in……Lebanon. This will be a challenge because it’s…

  4. Portrait Session - 56mm Day 6

    Date 17 Aug 2018
    As a Portrait Lens, this is one beautiful piece of equipment. Absolutely perfect This image is of my friend Pamela Haynes. We met up this week for my Project A Celebration of Women. I love the field of view, compression, depth and character. Shooting wide open creates a sharpness and…

  5. Portraits At 56 Day 5

    Date 16 Aug 2018
    This Lens is slow to focus. On the streets, not good enough.☹️ I missed a few moments yesterday that annoyed me. So for Street Photography, forget about it. For Faces, this Lens is heaven sent.🙏🏾 For me, I need the time to lock focus so Portraits with this Lens works…

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