The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Old Zagreb - My Last Day

    05 Jan 2017
    With today being my last day here in Croatia, I decided to hop on the number 6 Tram and head straight into the old town. The heavens opened up and a blizzard made its presence felt. My immediate reaction was one of; "this is great shooting weather". I knew my…

  2. X-Pro2 - Magical and Sublime

    04 Jan 2017
    After using the X-Pro 2 now for the last week, I can say it has really grown on me. I really love the X-100T, however, the X-Pro 2 feels really “grown up”. For starters, it is a much bigger and bulkier camera in comparison. I am a professional Magician and…

  3. Kombolova, Zagreb

    03 Jan 2017
    Woke up this morning to the surprise of snow. It was cold the night before, however, I did not sense it was cold enough to snow. The is Kombolova, part of New Zagreb. I have been coming here for the past 4 years. I like it here in Zagreb. I…

  4. Advent in Zagreb

    02 Jan 2017
    It is a special time of year here in Zagreb. This is part of the new year celebration, The Advent. Consider it a Croatian version of Winter Wonderland that we have in Hyde Park. I just walked around town with my friend and brother Vladimir and just caught some photographs…

  5. January 1st 2017 - New Adventure

    01 Jan 2017
    This is the scene that greeted me on the first day of 2017 - a quiet, peaceful and empty stage for life to begin. I wasn’t expecting anything different. There was definitely signs of life from the night before, New Years Eve certainly leaves its mark on the environment. As…

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