The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Education

    06 Oct 2021
    Since 2013, I have studied photography through reading books. This has been my preferred learning method. Being deaf means I don’t function very well in live classrooms. Having said that, I have participated in several Workshops with Bryan Petersen. Bryan’s Workshops took place in Seattle and were an epic adventure.…

  2. James Bond Day

    06 Oct 2021
    October 5th 1962 set in motion a cultural phenomenon. Bond…James, Bond. When Sean Connery uttered those words he created a template for all the 007s actors to follow. Dr No was the first book to be made into a film although it wasn’t the first book written by Ian Fleming.…

  3. The Orignal Canvass

    30 Sep 2021
    Let’s imagine for a moment. That moment before, THE BIG BANG. What colour do you think was present? There was no universe created……yet. No Sun or Moon No Earth. And then BOOM💥 It began. Creation. Billions of years of evolution. The birth of our always on Strobe……The Sun. Let there…

  4. Identity

    30 Sep 2021
    Who am I? This is a question I ask myself regularly. My answers vary on a given day. On a good day, I can feel great joy being a student in the craft of magic. On another day, I can feel totally inadequate as my mother’s Carer. As I look…

  5. The Subject is Light

    30 Sep 2021
    Making the Light the subject means focusing exclusively on this core element. Seeing the quality Feeling it’s quality and being aware of its direction. Where is the Light falling? This visual exercise is critical to understanding the relationship between Shadows and Highlights. Or Light & Shade. I am noticing how…

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