The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. MW | One of Each

    2022-05-24 15:04:17 UTC
    I really like the 28mm Field of View for this study. I can experience the full range of Colour from my balcony. The Shades of Grey Conversion creates a totally different experience. What a difference… This is the conversion after editing the RAW File as a Colour Image. This approach…

  2. MW | Throwback

    2022-05-24 11:22:24 UTC
    Not too long ago, Black & White was the norm. One Camera. One Lens……a 50mm. and a roll of Film….Black & White. So, if this was all there was, there was nothing else to worry about. The great masters of this medium simply went out and created images. I attempted…

  3. MW | Colour Conversion

    2022-05-23 16:39:57 UTC
    Welcome to a Week of Monochrome Studies. My documentation will be led by my eye and feelings about how Black & White/ Shades of Grey / Monochrome / Greyscale speaks to me. I felt it important to create a few images in Colour to study the Light and how it…

  4. Monochrome Week

    2022-05-23 13:14:50 UTC
    I thought it would be interesting to continue this week in shades of grey. Why not? I am enjoying this academic process of translating Colours into a pallet of grey tones. I don’t see in Black & White, I find that illogical. What makes logical sense is the the translation…

  5. On Going Study

    2022-05-22 09:44:24 UTC
    I am sticking with this study as part of my ongoing workflow. I appreciate the visual impact the different shades of grey can have on a moment. I recently picked up a copy of 52 Assignments - Black & White by Brian Lloyd Duckett. The 1st Assignment is all about…

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