The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. X100T With The WCL

    22 Mar 2019
    I have been enjoying shooting at 18mm on my 18-135mm Lens. So much so, I have been researching the XF 18mm F2. It’s a gorgeous looking Lens. It reminds me of another favourite of mine, The XF 27mm F2. They both look like a Pancake and yet deliver outstanding quality. …

  2. XF 35mm F2

    21 Mar 2019
    The longer I use my Fujis the more I am coming to terms with size and weight. I Travel a lot so size and weight is a big factor. Image quality critical to my muse. 16 mega pixels more than enough - my XT1 is a gem. When paired with…

  3. Chicago, You Have Won My ❤️

    14 Mar 2019
    This last visit to Chicago was my third in total, my first being in 1989. I can say without reservation, I love the The Windy City. Yes it was windy and cold, that’s what BIG coats and bennies are for. As a photographer and image creator, I have come to…

  4. A City Of Chills and Drama

    09 Mar 2019
    This is my third visit ever to Chicago. I feel very tiny and insignificant and yet, I bask in the juxtaposition of size while I am here. The sheer size of this city makes New York feel compressed like London - Chicago has a very over powering presence on me…

  5. Life At 18

    03 Mar 2019
    I like to keep things interesting. I get bored very quickly so it’s important to live on the edge of uncertainty. That is where my creativity comes to life. Recently, I decided to work at 18mm using my XF18-135mm. This expansive view works for me because it is how I…

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