The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Refined Vision | 40mm Frame

    2023-09-02 20:21:26 UTC
    Refining my vision continues today with the TT Artisan 27mm F2.8. I really love this Lens and field of view - it feels very natural and just right. It sits right between the 35mm & 50mm. In my research of this Focal Length, I felt it wasn’t given the same…

  2. RV | A Disciplined Approach

    2023-08-31 21:25:12 UTC
    Refined Vision has become my new focus and discipline. Using the 50 mm Lens lately has gotten me into a new way of seeing and framing. The 50mm Frame requires space - I call it a contact sport with the subject. Moving and navigating a scene for the best composition. …

  3. The Deeper Narrative

    2023-08-30 13:45:05 UTC
    This may be the most important journal entry I will write. I say this now because I am really feeling the spirit of Photojournalism. I had it in mind to study Journalism at school, writing appealed to me. What am I doing right now? WRITING. Sharing my deeper thoughts. Why?…

  4. Carnival 2023 | Ode To Robert Kapa

    2023-08-28 20:56:52 UTC
    Robert Kapa was a wartime Photojournalist. With his friend and contemporary Henri Cartier Bresson, they established The Magnum Photo Agency. Kapa once said “if your photographs are not good enough get closer” or words to that effect. I fully appreciated Kapsa’s point of view; getting close to the action creates…

  5. Carnival 2023 | The People

    2023-08-27 20:31:18 UTC
    Documenting The Notting Hill Carnival is all about the people. My day began with this quick portrait of Alex and is friend the lovely Marcela. She has such a lovely smile and vivacious energy. I had to create her portrait. This is one time in our calender year when the…

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