The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Still a Classic

    2023-02-21 19:23:40 UTC
    At the risk of boring my readers and followers, I am writing about The Fulfilm XF35mm 1.4. This Lens is 11 years old; seriously old technology by 2023 standards. If my online studies and research is anything to go by, Fuji Shooters who own and use this Lens still regard…

  2. The Light at Night

    2023-02-20 21:59:44 UTC
    I am taking on a new challenge over the next few days; Night Shooting. The Light at night takes on a completely different expression. Already, I know I must approach this differently to just having a fast Lens. It begins with the willing intention to create image at Night, this…

  3. Walking Meditation

    2023-02-20 13:15:43 UTC
    I am still dealing with the impact of my Mother’s Death. There is no training for dealing with grief. Well meaning friends suggested a Therapist dealing with Grief might be a good option. I just don’t want to talk about it. I consider it a pointless conversation that creates nothing. …

  4. 50mm by Another Name

    2023-02-19 19:14:30 UTC
    The number of options available for a 50mm field of view is staggering. Yesterday, I opted for the 33mm 1.4 which gives me a field of view equal to 49.9mm. Today, I chose Fuji’s XF35mm F2 which can be seen attached to my X-T1 above. It’s a small, tiny Lens…

  5. 50mm Vision

    2023-02-18 12:26:25 UTC
    This weekend I am seeing at 50mm.. This is not my natural field of view; 28mm is my sweet spot. The 50mm field of view is within my visual range. It just means more physical participation with the scene to achieve my ideal Frame. While this field of view is…

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