The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Light of the World

    16 May 2017
     I have moments in my Photography when I come across as a scene and I hear myself say “Thank you God”.   In these moments, my spirit connects to something very special which cannot be expressed in words.   This is what I felt when I saw this scene today.  It was…

  2. Serene Sunday

    15 May 2017
    The title of this post truly reflects the mood of my weekend. It was a truly glorious Sunday.  I had arranged to meet my friend and fellow Photographer Elin Robinson for Photowalk. We decided to go to Windsor for the day. We chose a good day because the quality of…

  3. Creative Photography

    15 May 2017
    The Meaning of Photography:   I love creating Photographs.   Yes, you read that right, I don’t take a Photograph, I create them.   What does that mean?   It simply means, any image I choose to create first begins when my eye, mind and heart connect with a moment, a scene or a…

  4. The Expression of Life

    12 May 2017
    I felt all of these images today.  When I go out for a walk with my camera, I have no agenda about what to photograph. It’s like the moment saying to me, “I am yours today, take my photograph now”.  I have to be ready for these moments, it’s a…

  5. Expanding Vision

    12 May 2017
    It is very easy to become jaded by the familiar. I have to remind myself to think and feel like a tourist. I live in a beautiful part of LONDON - Maida Vale & Little Venice. I see it everyday and think I have seen it all.  No, I haven’t…

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