The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Elvis

    01 Jul 2018
    I really loved Elvis. Still do. His music was part of my childhood, partly due to his films. King Creole was my favourite simply because this film was set in New Orleans. It featured a strong spiritual vibe of black culture. The music was deeply influenced by the Deep South,…

  2. Hearing “NO

    01 Jul 2018
    I love photographing people. Candid moments are fine and part of my mission, however, I find creating images of people with consent very satisfying. The secret to a successful Street Portrait is in direct proportion to the depth of rapport I have managed to create. In fact, my best images…

  3. Look, See, Feel & Create

    30 Jun 2018
    My photography has taken an interesting turn this week. I have always felt, what is the point in taking a photograph is I don’t feel anything. This internal dialogue has been in my mind for quite some time now. This week, it all came together. I came to The obviously…

  4. The Banquet in a Spoonfull

    28 Jun 2018
    Sometimes, creating an image of just a slice of a scene can tell a different story. In fact, you the viewer will be forced to ask questions about what you see. This too me is interesting because the mind is very powerful and immediately starts to try and file away…

  5. Events

    24 Jun 2018
    Photographing an Event is a very rewarding experience for any Photographer. Developing the confidence to do so is hard. Coming from a show business background has given me a lot of experience in learning how events are run. Also, I have made good friends in this arena. They have supported…

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