The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Croatia Through the Eyes of The XPro2

    2018-01-29 22:50:07 UTC
    I love Croatia, I have been here a few times in the last five years. Each time, I discover more of this enchanting country. I am here presenting my show and master class for the magicians and as you can imagine, my Fuji X-Pro  2 was packed with the 23mm…

  2. New Year, New Adventure

    2018-01-04 00:16:06 UTC
    A day to truly connect with who I am and what I stand for.  This is important simply because there is only one ME, there will not be another.  My time here is allotted so I am choosing to honour my purpose, mission, muse whatever you choose to call the…

  3. White

    2017-12-26 22:51:47 UTC
    Today, I focused on the Colour White.   I noticed the Colour White in many moments today either as a canvass, in trimmings, dominating presence and supplementary scenarios.   White is everywhere.   A colour that cannot be ignored, it’s presence can be the focal point of attention, or it can recede in…

  4. Orange

    2017-12-24 15:58:15 UTC
    Today’s Colour was a hunt for Orange.  This colour is warm cozy, connected to happy vibes and the feeling of love. I caught sight of a few interesting moments. Some of these images I saw from across the street.  The man in the Orange coat I ran after just catch…

  5. The Colour Purple

    2017-12-24 15:01:10 UTC
    Understand Color in Photography.  Today’s exercise in seeing Color has been about the Color Purple.   The images I created caught me by surprise because this Color is a little bit like playing hide and seek  While I was committed to this process, I knew I had to relax and allow…

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