The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. An Exression of Life | The Charm of Sophia

    2018-09-05 15:27:53 UTC
    Lady Sofia watches over the city that bares her name. Arms out stretched. A warm gesture welcoming new visitors. A charming introduction to this gentle city. At every turn, there is something arresting and enchanting to capture your spirit. People at work. Taking a break, life continues with an expression…

  2. An Expression of Life | Sofia - Bulgaria

    2018-09-05 14:05:26 UTC
    My adventure continues with a stop off in Bulgaria. I am in the city of Sofia and the expression of life continues with an easy going laid back vibration and rhythm. It was the first thing I felt - the energy. There is a calmness of spirit here. Royal Guards…

  3. An Expression of Life | Bon Vivant

    2018-09-03 17:36:52 UTC
    There are some moments that are just too gorgeous to pass by. This expression of life touch every fibre of my being. I just had too; even if I got rumbled. I had a conversation ready as I did not want to break the spell of being taken by this…

  4. An Expression of Life | Day 4 - The Croatian Way

    2018-09-03 14:48:58 UTC
    I have been coming to Croatia for many years - I love it here. The expression of life is laid back, charming, gracious and humane. I say this because my experience being here has been wonderfully positive. In fact, I feel right at home. My family live here, so I…

  5. An Expression Of Life - Day 3

    2018-08-31 19:56:46 UTC
    An expression of life through visual imagery is all about my feelings to what I see. Where I live in London is a beautiful area and full of classic cars. So far, I have counted three Aston Martins and one Classic Bentley. I love these cars and enjoy creating images…

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