The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Five Paces & Create

    2021-09-12 22:06:17 UTC
    I walk five paces Stop. I start scanning my surroundings looking for where the light is falling. Repeat. This is an interesting visual training process, because I normally just walk until something catches my attention. Here, no. I am actively seeking, something. Light first. Colour. Texture . One exercise my…

  2. Transformation

    2021-09-12 10:03:39 UTC
    “There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it's going to be a butterfly”.R. Buckminster Fuller Out of the chrysalis the Caterpillar comes to know itself because it breaks free from the shell of its bondage. The pain of transformation reveals a beauty we would never otherwise see. The…

  3. Mum

    2021-09-11 18:57:43 UTC
    81 Hard to believe we have seen another Birthday. This was last year. I thank the gods that may be for blessing our lives. We are stable. And greatfull. I am happy to see this time with mum. Nowhere else I would rather be. X

  4. Embracing The Light

    2021-09-11 17:45:21 UTC
    Once the Sun comes out to play, I am heading out. Living in London means embracing these moments because the weather can change in a heart beat. All the seasons in one day. Carp Diem So I did. X Pro 2 paired with the wonderful Fujicron XF23mm F2. Dream Team…

  5. My Life

    2021-09-11 13:54:14 UTC
    I am greatfull to my father for planting the seed of photography within me. When I look at my old photographs, this was the moment when painting with light became a possibility. Over the last year, all of my images have come from me documenting my neighbourhood. This is fine…

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