The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Uncertainty

    2020-04-20 13:32:59 UTC
    This Pandemic is providing an interesting filter for my image creation right now. Framing. Gaps. Dissecting. All of this is informing and impacting how I see moments. I saw this moment from my balcony and thought this is another example of Isolation and Distancing. If this Pandemic had not occurred,…

  2. One Perfect Moment

    2020-04-20 06:57:42 UTC
    During this Covid-19 Lockdown, I am going through my Archive. What find interesting in reviewing my images from 2015/16 is the fact that I am not the same person now who created these images. I have transformed. So, I am seeing the work of someone who no longer exist. These…

  3. A New Context For Life

    2020-04-19 10:23:58 UTC
    I see this man everyday. This is the reality of Covid-19 Stay Home Be Safe Only go when and if absolutely required. He sits at his window, doing whatever. He strikes me as a man at peace. Good for him. The context for life has transformed. Self Isolation, Social Distancing…

  4. Despair

    2020-04-19 08:18:46 UTC
    We never really know what another person is going through. Assumptions leads to stories. Stories are just an interpretation about what we may be thinking another person is going through This moment left me feeling somber. A man. Life…what’s his story? His being suggested to me despair. I created this…

  5. The Great Mystery

    2020-04-19 06:33:11 UTC
    I was going through my Archives and discovered this image from around 2015. This image was created a few years ago long before I created my context, The Expression of Life. Henri Cartier declared our first 10,000 images will be crap. I can’t help but feel we need to create…

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