The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. The Magic of Light

    2016-12-15 19:25:00 UTC
    I have become seduced by the magic of light. It has only taken me three years for this relationship to kick in, now, I can’t help myself, she is my lover. I am looking for her caress everywhere, the subject is important and yet, her glow and warmth brings the…

  2. Self Expression

    2016-12-13 21:22:00 UTC
    I am daring myself to be much bolder with my camera. My internal Warrior is saying take the shot. When this lady got on the train, I knew I had to take her photograph, candidly of course. Her expression was joyful and not disturbing the moment would have been a…

  3. Creative Expression

    2016-12-09 14:10:00 UTC
    I took this photograph in a restaurant last night in Nottingham. When I looked up and saw the light decoration, I thought it looked like planets in another galaxy. The editing of this image was done intentionally to saturate the colours and bring out the drama in the contrast of…

  4. Light, An Enchanting Love

    2016-12-06 23:03:00 UTC
    Tonight, I was in my local bar with my friend Brian. My X100T was around my neck and ready. The atmosphere was dark for this particular establishment, so whatever light was available made for a very somber mood. I didn’t  think, I saw the heart shape on the cup of…

  5. Flight

    2016-12-05 16:05:00 UTC
    I have been in awe of birds, planes………and Superman since I was a young boy. Wow, the gift of flight. The ability to fly was just magical to me. I saw David Copperfield fly during one of his amazing shows that I saw, that too was magical. These two images…

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