The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. 30 Day Challenge Day 5: Contemplation

    2021-02-06 22:52:05 UTC
    This project is slowing me down. The rhythm of life doesn’t rush. Stop. Look. Feel. Listen. A thousand stories in one moment.

  2. 30 Day Challenge | Day 4

    2021-02-06 22:45:09 UTC
    The XF18-55mm is a stunning Lens Fuji don’t make crap. Why this Lens has been underrated is beyond me. I don’t have time to waste or worry, I am out shooting. My shooting discipline is to set my focal length and zoom with my fit. All of this is driven…

  3. 30 Day Challenge Day 3

    2021-02-04 21:04:40 UTC
    I am enjoying this process. It has got me present to the simple fact that I don’t need much. One Camera, one Lens , the18-55mm F2.8-4 will do just fine. One Flash and some form of Modifier. I would happily travel the world with just this and document life. Today…

  4. 30 Day Challenge Day 2: Gloomy Light

    2021-02-03 22:43:23 UTC
    The XF 18-55mm F2.8-4 is such a gorgeous tool. It is easy to use. I don’t zoom. I set my focal length and then zoom with my feet. The Light was moody today. Full of deep shadows. A little rain. The 18-55 is a Lens that seduces by its ability…

  5. 30 Day Challenge | Day 1

    2021-02-02 20:34:00 UTC
    My 30 Day Challenge has begun. I can say with hand on heart, I really love the XF18-55mm. It has the quality of being Four Prime Lens in one. This means I can choose the right focal length for my subject. The image above was shot at 18mm because I…

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