The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. XPro-1 | 52 Assignments - Cont

    2021-08-21 11:50:28 UTC
    I am still on the first Assignment. I felt the need to practice and consolidate my learning. These images were created by paying attention to the Light and where the light was falling. Also, I have been using Spot Metering, to target a specific area to ensure good exposure. Spot…

  2. XPro-1 | 52 Assignments -1

    2021-08-19 15:43:02 UTC
    Continuing on from last post entry, I thought I would practice this Assignment a bit more. I knew what I was looking for. A pocket of light. My cards was the subject caught in the beam of light. This meant paying attention to where the light was coming from and…

  3. XPro-1 | Reflections

    2021-08-19 11:08:22 UTC
    I am now reflecting on my photographic journey since 2013. This year is significant for me because I was in China and had The Nikon D90 with the 18-105. I regret selling that camera. What was I thinking? Dam it… My reflection is now based on the complexity of modern…

  4. XPro1 | Raw To The Core

    2021-08-17 22:29:27 UTC
    A lot has been written regarding The XPro 1 Files and how they render. I struggled a little bit to understand this fascination. Coming late to this party meant I did not experience the quirks of this Camera when it was first released. I found The White Balance Presets too…

  5. XPro-1 | Motor Show

    2021-08-17 18:41:38 UTC
    It just so happens that I live in a part of London which is a haven for stunning Cars. I have a driving license - I drive very well, but I don’t feel the need to own a Car. Been there, done it. My neighbour is full of classic Cars…

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