The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Kodachrome On Fuji

    08 Apr 2019
    My journey in image creation began way after the era of Kodachrome Film. This was magic from another dimension. Having studied the work and images of Steve McCurry I came to appreciate this very special roll of Colour Film. It is no longer in production - if it was, a…

  2. My Journey So Far

    07 Apr 2019
    This image of The Great Wall of China will forever by a reminder of where my Photography was eight years ago. This was created using a camera I still pine for, The Nikon D90. In hindsight, I question myself now as to why I sold it for an upgrade? Silly…

  3. Be Ready

    03 Apr 2019
    This image is the moment I live for. A surprise. A miniature flow of water at the back of. Theatre. X100T Built in ND filter engaged - ISO 200 2 second Shutter Speed at F/11 It might not be a spectacular Water Fall - it is however enough because it…

  4. Suprise

    03 Apr 2019
    I never leave home without my Camera. My iPhone doesn’t count. When I am home it’s usually the X100T. As Professional Magician, I do shows every month all over London - last night I was at The Hertford Theatre. I left home early to catch my Train. At Kings Cross…

  5. See, Feel & Create

    26 Mar 2019
    I saw the potential for this shot yesterday. It was early evening. Time for The Blue Hour. The light was good enough to hand hold my camera and create a sharp image. A slight underexposed to bring out detail in the office lights. Simple edit in Lightroom and Photoshop and…

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