The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. The Study of Colour | Blue

    2022-06-03 19:30:15 UTC
    I find the Colour Blue agrees with me. This Colour carries a strong and powerful message regarding Peace and Serenity. Once again, the paradox of Blue is its association with mental health. “Feeling Blue” with connotations of sadness and depression has become an interesting part of our language. This connection…

  2. The Study of Colour | Yellow

    2022-06-03 13:46:30 UTC
    What a paradox The Colour Yellow represents. Here is a Colour symbolic with being a coward and sickly illness. On the flipside, it is known to be the Colour of high intellect, expressive creativity, the power of happiness and persuasive charisma. I actively went out looking for unusual expressions of…

  3. The Study of Colour | Green - The Colour of Life

    2022-05-30 07:50:09 UTC
    Green is a Colour I cannot ignore. It is everywhere. In my neighbourhood, I don’t have to go searching. It’s in my immediate field of vision. It’s the first thing I see when I leave my home. Next to my Home is a Home for the elderly. The Colour Green…

  4. The Study of Colour | Red Vision

    2022-05-29 20:55:29 UTC
    Classic Cars dominate Maida Vale. Not shortage. I saw this beauty this evening. Why not I thought. A Red Mercedes oozes class. Its a bold statement by whoever choose this Colour. When all is said and done, its s symbol of power, passion, boldness, wealth and temperament. Thanks for readind

  5. The Study of Colour | Seeing Red

    2022-05-29 13:43:14 UTC
    Welcome to this Academic Study of seeing Colour. My friend and mentor Bryan Peterson has taught me and all of his worldwide students about the beauty and magic of Colour in Photography. I have come to appreciate how much Colour, especially Primary Colours draws my eye and attention. I am…

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