The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. 2020 Vision | Classic Frame

    15 Sep 2020
    Over the next few days, I am revisiting an old friend. My first ever Fuji Camera was the epic X100T. This came with a fixed lens, a 23mm at F2. This focal length translated in classic 35mm on a full frame. I call this a classic frame because 35mm was…

  2. 2020 Vision | I see Jesus Everywhere

    14 Sep 2020
    My Daily walks are my sanctuary now. Camera in hand. Empty mind. Just walking. Observing. Seeing. Feeling. Waiting for life to say this is yours. I see Jesus in all his disguises. Disguised as plants. Sentient life form. My mother’s eyes, reveals his presence. Glorious light of the world. The…

  3. 2020 Vision | Portraits Of People

    13 Sep 2020
    People moments is another subject I love. Watching. Observing. Life in these moments reveals so many expressions. I wait, contemplate and then create. Candid moments are ok. Some scenes I don’t want to disturb. My joy are the Portraits that reveal something. Character, Expression and Identity. My best moment occur…

  4. 2020 Vision | Rainbow Jam

    13 Sep 2020
    We all know the impact of seeing a Rainbow. It’s one of nature’s great gifts to us. How do you feel when you see a Rainbow? It’s a very personal moment, as if Mother Nature is saying, “this is for you”🌈 A Red Hat. Red Shoes Stylish Accessories. A Rainbow…

  5. 2020 Vision | The Closer I Get To You

    11 Sep 2020
    It has only taken me seven years. That long to understand something very important about how I see. Because I see out of one eye, my vision is wonky. With one eye closed, my field of view is 18mm - 28mm full frame 35mm equivalent. So that’s my “normal wide…

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