The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. On Going Training

    2023-09-28 20:22:48 UTC
    I find the human face a landscape of mystery. We look so different. DNA from our parents endure global variety; the odd doppelgänger not withstanding. Creating authentic expressive Portraits is my passion. It’s my mission to unlock the mystery to reveal the truth of my subjects. I tolerate no lying…

  2. Late Night Vision

    2023-09-20 23:47:23 UTC
    As the light levels begins to drop, the remaining light becomes precious. Daylight gives way to the man made. The vision at night becomes a quest to find the light source. Focus & Clarity is everything, or is it? Seeing the light is the magic. No matter the time of…

  3. 40mm | My Wider 50

    2023-09-12 22:22:39 UTC
    It’s only 10mm. That shouldn’t matter. But it does to me simply because my eyes are not 20/20 like most people. The extra 10mm I get from using my 40mm verse using 50mm comes with some amazing benefits. The image above could easily have been made with my 50mm. I…

  4. The Spirit of Adventure

    2023-09-11 11:06:29 UTC
    Getting on a train for a day out of London is all part of my adventurous spirit. My photography on such a day begins the moment I arrive at the station. This sets the context for the journey. I love the contrast of departure and arriving at my destination. The…

  5. RV | 40mm Framing

    2023-09-07 10:23:29 UTC
    Refining my vision today has been all about the 40mm Frame. Composition, Framing, Addition & Subtraction. I had a meet up with my friend Krishnan today. I knew I wanted to test the 40mm Frame as a Portrait Lens. The Lens did not disappoint. For Street photography in Oxford Circus,…

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