The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Deer Hunting In Richmond

    2024-03-30 15:30:08 UTC
    I decided to get up early to go deer hunting.Richmond Park is not far from where I live, and the best way to get there is to catch the overground from Willesden Junction. I’m about 40 minutes north from Richmond and it was a very easy journey. I really like…

  2. My Photographic Identity

    2024-03-26 22:31:57 UTC
    Last Sunday, I was invited to a friends house for dinner. She lives in Greenwich. I took advantage of this day out to photograph the train station at Canary Wharf and Greenwich - it was a visual delight. I took two cameras with me: My X-T2 paired with the XF16mm…

  3. Natural Frame | Perfect Vision

    2024-03-04 21:04:20 UTC
    A natural Frame simply means getting what I see with no further adjustment, optical trickery like compression or depth expansion. This is perfect vision - a clean Frame. The two Lens which accommodate this are the 40mm & the 50mm. The 40mm allows a little more breathing space around my…

  4. Natural Frame

    2024-02-29 20:53:02 UTC
    The 40mm Lens and field of view is coming round to be accepted as the correct optics for normal vision. The 50mm & 35mm have a long history of images that has covered 20th century events. Two Lens adored by great masters and championed as first prime optics for students.…

  5. Deeper Understanding

    2024-02-10 22:12:20 UTC
    Studying Photography these last 14 years has revealed to me the beauty of intimacy. Getting close figuratively and literally is what makes the image, the moment come alive. Animals don’t keep still long enough to move in close and be safe. And yet, getting close is a requirement. A long…

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