The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. The Humanity of West London

    16 Jun 2017
    The morning after the night before was truly a shocking moment for a lot of people in West London, particularly the residents of The Grenfell Tower block that caught fire around midnight.  Imagine going to bed and being woken up to evacuate because the building is on fire?  Imagine in

  2. Frequency + Vulnerability = Intimacy

    13 Jun 2017
    While experimenting with a new Teleconverter, it occurred to me how important the power of intimacy is with regards to getting close to my subjects. This also triggered the thought of frequency - what frequency am I operating on in order to establish intimacy with my subjects, family, friends, colleagues…

  3. The Authentic Self

    09 Jun 2017
    I watched this Lion King for a good 20 minutes.   He rested on top of this giant rock without a care in the world.   I felt his being.   He couldn’t have cared less what I thought of him.   My opinion of him meant nothing.   Such was his pride and confidence…

  4. Welcome to Hogwarts

    08 Jun 2017
    I spent a lovely time in Gloucester with my friend and fell magician Andy Field this week. Andy very kindly took me on a guided tour of the city centre and armed with my X-Por2 paired with the amazing Wide Angle 10-24mm I was ready for action. The city centre…

  5. A Humbling Experience

    05 Jun 2017
    The last time I experienced wild animals was in South Africa in 2005. I was there as part of a good will mission for The College of Magic. My guest took me and a few others to Sun City for some rest and relaxation and then treated us to a…

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