The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Hookers & Junkies

    17 Jul 2018
    This moment really got my attention. What’s your addiction?We all have an addiction of some kind or another. We have all compromised ourselves at some point in our lives. A woman can sell her body.A junkie can shoot up.An alcoholic can binge.A business man can neglect his family chasing the…

  2. 35mm Film

    16 Jul 2018
    This blog story is rather unusual for me as a Fuji Shooter. Long before my Fuji make over, I shot an entire week using just my old Canon 35mm Film Camera - what an adventure that was. This was five years ago, how do I know? That’s how long the…

  3. A True Artist

    16 Jul 2018
    FISM is the place to be if you desire to be a witness to something extraordinary. I feel very happy to share this because I was a witness to one of the most beautiful expressions of magic I have ever experienced. Miguel Munoz had joined a list of great magicians…

  4. A Farewell to FISM 2018

    15 Jul 2018
    FISM 2018 has come and gone. Time flies when it’s the biggest convention in the world. Trust me, nothing in the calendar can surpass it. The next event will be hosted in Quebec, Canada in 2021. I hope I live long enough to be there. This convention made its mark…

  5. Fism Portraits

    14 Jul 2018
    When I decided to travel to South Korea, I knew that taking my Fuji was a no brainer. I also knew the my Fuji 18-135mm would be the perfect lens to my XPro2. I chose this over the 16-55mm simply because I just felt the need for a little Telephoto…

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