The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Fuji Colours

    2018-12-09 22:22:35 UTC
    The Fuji Film Simulations really come alive at night. Ambient light only. Embracing the dark side means high ISO. Nevertheless, my XPro2 handles this assignment with ease. The colours come alive. Life becomes a vivid expression. We live in a world of colour. I see in colour. Black & White…

  2. People

    2018-12-09 22:11:05 UTC
    It’s that time of year. People are out in preparation for the Christmas holiday. Having my camera with me at all times means I am ready. In 2019, I am committed to creating more images of people. CandidStreet PortraitsExpressive Moments And everything else in between. Stories from the Streets X

  3. The Colour of Night

    2018-12-04 21:16:22 UTC
    Creating images at night is a magical experience. London becomes a colourful backdrop. I was stuck in Blue Hour mindset and have recently learned to embrace the beautiful Black of night and allow the ambient light of the streets to create its own texture. Black is the original Canvas Colour…

  4. How Photography Saved My Life

    2018-11-27 16:38:20 UTC
    I gave a talk recently about the impact photography has had on my life. When I lost my hearing Photography would prove to be a huge quantum of solace in my massive adjustment living in a world with no sound. Here is the video for you to enjoy. How Photography…

  5. Vintage Lens

    2018-11-23 15:21:30 UTC
    Photography is a craft just like studying magic - so many avenues worthy of exploration. No room for boredom or complacency. I love shooting film - Fuji Film on my Canon A1 using the FD 28mm F2.8 and the 50mm 1.4. Recently, I attached these classic Lens to my Fuji…

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