The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Daily Vibe | Seeing Opportunities

    28 Sep 2022
    Having my Camera with me at all times means I am ready. Moments are out there. It’s easier to create an image with my Camera than without out. I use my iPhone yes, but its a different vibe using my everyday Camera, the X-Pro 1. This Camera is slow. I…

  2. Event Photography

    26 Sep 2022
    In 2013, I decided to master my Camera. Not once did I think I would be Photographing a Wedding or an Event of some kind. This was outside my thinking and Comfort Zone. To my great surprise, I have experienced the thrill of documenting Business and Sporting Lunches in the…

  3. 2014 | The Lady and The Dolphin

    21 Sep 2022
    I started my first experiments in Long Exposure Photography around 2014. My Camera at that time was Nikon’s D90. I really loved that Camera - I regret selling. It delivered some of my best images. At that time, I was studying with Bryan F Peterson through his Book “Understanding Exposure”.…

  4. 16mm F2.8 | Little Fella - Big Punch

    15 Sep 2022
    My tiny 18mm F2 has stopped working - some connection error between the contact points on the Lens is no longer communicating with my Camera. I am no expert on such matters - never mind I have started using my Fujicron 16mm F2.8. This Lens is even smaller and yet,…

  5. Sombre Time

    15 Sep 2022
    From this image, created 3/4 years ago. To this moment; this is the most surreal and saddest experience of my life. As my mother was being transferred to a nursing home, The Queen passed away. I began thinking back to the 1960s when my mother first came to this country. …

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