The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. XF 18-135mm 3.5-5.6

    28 Sep 2021
    Fuji has gone to town on the last X Summit announcement. The new FujiLux Lens appear to be a stunning statement about the next few years ahead. As much as I love the latest and greatest, I have come to terms with loving, valuing and appreciating what I have. My…

  2. Being Empty

    24 Sep 2021
    Being empty is about having no agenda. Acceptance for what is, can be a perfect starting point to explore new possibilities. Allowing life to simply be. No where to get to, Not seeking any outcome. Just being in the flow of the grand conversation and yet, not of it. This…

  3. The Joy of Seeing

    23 Sep 2021
    I never leave home without my Camera and Deck of Cards. The Camera has joined the team in my day bag. I never know what I am going to see or who I will meet. Wearing my Camera has now become an important part of my fashion statement. My Camera…

  4. XF14mm: To Love A Rose

    22 Sep 2021
    My gratitude for nature and spending time everyday in her company is time with the creative energy of the force. My photography allows me the opportunity to be totally empty and simply allow the force energy to come to me and work through me.I saw this Rose. Someone had removed…

  5. XF14mm: Candid Music

    21 Sep 2021
    Being deaf is no fun. Music was a great joy in my life. It still is because I can still feel and strangely enough, hear the melodies of all the music I once enjoyed. I was tempted to say hello to this gentleman, but he was lost in the realm…

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