The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Marvellous Engineering

    2022-09-08 21:56:11 UTC
    I have walked across this walk way many times. It forms part of the architectural decoration of The Paddington Basin. Today, I decided to take a closer look. This section from this angle looks decorative. And from this point of view, it looks like spikes coming out of the ground. …

  2. Creative Imagery

    2022-09-08 20:12:35 UTC
    Where in the world do you think this image was created? Does it remind you of anywhere? Does it trigger a memory, a feeling of some place familiar? Just a little enquiry to get you thinking and hopefully feeling something. A great image is as much about you as the…

  3. Magic Moments

    2022-09-08 16:01:50 UTC
    The great Henri Cartier Bresson documented the notion of “The Decisive Moment”. It’s the split second in time when all the elements in the Classic Frame come together. In this precise moment in time, the Photographer trips the shutter and creates an image of that exact moment that stops everyone…

  4. The World is My Studio

    2022-09-08 07:41:13 UTC
    The World is a big playground for me. The best part is, it’s free. The best studio for my image creation. All of my best Portrait moments have occurred far away from the constraints of being tied down to an actual premises. I once did a photoshoot with a model…

  5. Feeling The Vibe

    2022-09-07 20:59:20 UTC
    I make a minimum of two visit to the Hospital everyday. I see mum, feed her lunch and then, she sleeps. I watch over her for a little while as I watch her breath, wondering to myself, how many heart beats left. My trips to the Hospital are punctuated by…

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