The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. 30 Day Project Day 30: New Beginning

    2021-03-10 14:11:05 UTC
    30 Days of using The XF18-55mm taught me many things. I learnt simply that learning to use what I have is more important than the latest and greatest new equipment. G.A.S. has its time and place. It shouldn’t get in the way of progress and mastery, As I said, I…

  2. 30 Day Challenge Day 29: Process

    2021-03-09 22:28:42 UTC
    It’s an ongoing process of learning Seeing. Vision. Feeling. It’s been an amazing journey the last 30 Days. I have come to appreciate the gift of sight and seeing with my heart. Beauty in the ordinary. I often think why? What is the point of this? I create images everyday…

  3. 30 Day Challenge Day 28: Completion

    2021-03-09 21:08:09 UTC
    This project is officially over I still have two more entries after this post. I would like express one word. JOY… I kept a folder of images featuring moments that inspired me using the XF18-55mm This moment was perfect. A picture of a Rainbow. You will attach whatever meaning you…

  4. 30 Day Challenge Day 27: Dogs Life

    2021-03-08 13:29:29 UTC
    It’s interesting observing these creatures. They already know each other. They just know. There is no pretence. There is no agenda. There is shyness. Their DNA instantly knows who the other is. Fear is not an issue. It makes me feel sad for us humans because we have so much…

  5. 30 Day Challenge Day 26: Mystery

    2021-03-08 13:06:06 UTC
    Life is Mystery Life is Curiosity. Life is Adventure. Life is Nature. Life in all it’s manifested creativity must be lived.

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