The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. The Quest for Mastery

    05 Dec 2016
    To practice is to live and breath your craft.  I have studied sleight of hand since the age of 10. I love practicing with my card and other props. I alos, celebrate the same passion for my camera and photography. It is not a chore, it is a celebration, a…

  2. People Moments

    05 Dec 2016
    A Man Prays.  People gather to listen to a speaker.  Security Guards up for a laugh.  And  Children without a care in the world.  Take life seriously, however, don’t take yourself too seriously, after, it’s Christmas in a few weeks.  “Christmas is the spirit of giving without a thought of…

  3. 21st Century Communication.

    05 Dec 2016
    When I am out and about, my senses are on high alert for a photographic story. Life is full of chaos and I am training myself to feel the mood and rhythm of the streets.  Underground, the chaos can be mad, however, in this sea of chaotic drama, I feel…

  4. The Spirit of Photography

    04 Dec 2016
    Today was a lovely day Not a cloud in the sky, deep rich blue sky. Nice chill to the air, perfect for walking with camera in hand. I left home with my X-T1 paired with the lovely 18-135mm Lens. I must say, I really enjoy using this combination for a…

  5. The Fuji X100T - My Evaluation

    01 Dec 2016
    Welcome to today’s post I would like to share my thoughts and feelings about the Fuji X-100T. This is my first time attempt to review a camera and I feel terribly inadequate to do so simply because I know very little about the electrical side of things. There are photographers…

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