The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Colour Science & Magic

    2023-05-02 20:53:49 UTC
    It’s all about Colour for me. I do have Black & White Moments; it depends on the Project, like my Coffee Shop Moments Series. Converting these Colour Images to Black & White is about focusing on the stillness of individuals in Coffee Shops. My passion for Colour wins every time.…

  2. Back To Raw

    2023-05-02 16:47:43 UTC
    I ran out of hard drive space. So for the last few months, all of my images have been straight out of camera jpegs. This is a tribute to the Fuji System and how they render jpegs direct from the camera. As much as I love straight out of camera…

  3. Canalway Cavalcade 2023

    2023-05-01 11:18:04 UTC
    Little Venice is a gorgeous place to live. It is photogenic anytime of year. I am great full to my friend Paul Atherton for reminding me about The Canalway Cavalcade. The Mayday Bank Holiday Weekend transforms Little Venice into a spectacle of colour, personality and character. The people who make…

  4. 365 Part III

    2023-04-30 14:52:51 UTC
    Fresh Vision - 36521.04.36590/36506:39“Seeing Red” #redcars #xt1 #xf18mmf2r #365photography ________________________________________ Fresh Vision - 36522.04.36591/36512:44pm“Country Life”#alresfordhampshire #xt1 #xf18mmf2r #countrylife _______________________________________ Fresh Vision - 36523.04.202392/36517:22pm“Only one missing”#juxstaposition #xt1 #xf35mm14 #missingbiker ________________________________________ Fresh Vision - 36524.04.202393/36510:40pm“Men at Work”#workmen #xt1 #xf23mmf2 #hardlabour ________________________________________ Fresh Vision - 36525.04.202394/36506:42pm“Early Start”#workmen #xt1 #xf23mmf2 #earlymorninggrind ________________________________________ Fresh Vision…

  5. A Long Walk

    2023-04-17 19:40:42 UTC
    I love walking. This is my super power. Long walks with my Camera. Today, it was all about Camden Town. Spring Light made a big difference today because Camden is very photogenic. My walking meditation is simply to be, no thought, no agenda, allow life to be. The moments that…

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