The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Creative Constraints

    2022-07-20 18:15:57 UTC
    Learning to use The 50mm Lens is a very important skill for my image creation. I got my very first 50mm F1.8 about eight years ago. It confused me because I was using it on my Nikon D90. This Camera was very dear to me, I Traveled all over the…

  2. Mid Life Crisis

    2022-07-20 14:25:53 UTC
    I have mentioned before on my journal that the classic 50mm Lens is not my normal vision; my go to optics is 28mm. That’s just how I see the world through my one good eye; wide and with depth. This doesn’t mean I don’t or can’t use a 50mm Lens.…

  3. Coffee & Portrait

    2022-07-19 09:38:32 UTC
    My local Coffee Shop is my Portrait Studio. Maida Vale is full of Cafes, Coffee Shops, I know most of the owners. The Coffee Shop is a place where the community hangs out. First thing in the morning, like I do, or late afternoon. Wherever I travel in the world,…

  4. Photographic Identity

    2022-07-17 10:00:28 UTC
    Identity is an interesting concept to me. When we come into this board game called Life, we came not knowing the rules of the game. This context leaves us at a distinct disadvantage. We are useless for the first few years of our lives. We need support from our environment…

  5. Archive Memories

    2022-07-16 15:05:17 UTC
    My Archive is my happy place. It is here that I can connect with the joy of my life. The privilege of traveling to far flung places. I wouldn’t have had these experiences if wasn’t for my career in Magic. These first few images were created in Tandil. This town…

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