The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. What’s The Point ?

    2022-03-22 19:13:05 UTC
    Colour, Light & Expression. What does it all mean?I can remember vividly the joy of holding a Photograph in my hand.The Joy was greater than the act of creating the image. The Act itself was full of joyful enthusiasm. The background intention was the joy of CREATION.This is it. Photography…

  2. Colour, Light & Expression

    2022-03-21 21:04:50 UTC
    My last few days of shooting have been a wonderful meditation. The Light has been very pleasing. This prompted me to revisit the thinking of Jay Maisel. Jay Maisel is a legend. His Photography is a celebration of life and all that it entails. He is one of my inspirations…

  3. Finishing a Roll of Ilford HP5 400

    2022-03-19 23:20:07 UTC
    This Camera is over 25 years old. It had a roll of Ilford HP5 400 still inside. 11 Exposures left. I thought why not. The thing that surprised me is how well it still works.🤣 This Canon EOS 500n was purchased around 1995. I never thought for one minute Photography…

  4. X-System: Seeing the Moment

    2022-03-12 22:44:40 UTC
    The Human Eye is such a marvellous gift. The ability to look at life and interpret what you see is the essence of being a competent image creator. This image was a pure moment of ownership. A hugging embrace. A sad good bye? This moment felt like multiple stories wrapped…

  5. X-System | The XF56mm

    2022-03-09 23:47:11 UTC
    I love Faces. Portraits is my Passion. The XF 56mm F1.2 is a dream Lens from Fujifilm. In Full Frame terms, it is the equivalent of the classic 85mm; this is Portrait territory. Yesterday, I wrote about how natural the 50mm is for my eyes, the 56mm is absolutely perfect. …

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