The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. IWA Canalway Cavalcade

    30 Apr 2022
    Today was really interesting. It was the start of the Inland Waterways Cavalcade. This celebration of community life takes place every year on The May Day Bank Holiday. It brings together the community of Little Venice who choose to live on The Grand Union Canal. I missed it last year…

  2. Broader Frame

    28 Apr 2022
    I don’t consider myself a Landscape Photographer. I do think like one even though I live in the suburbs of London. Maida Vale is my Photogenic playground.My Landscape Skills have been developed from seeing my Neighbourhood and Park as a broad Contex / Frame to tell a story. My favourite…

  3. Just for Me

    28 Apr 2022
    My passion for creating images serves no purpose. I create images simply because I find this creative act very relaxing and a form of meditation. I do this just for me. I share my visions on Instagram. I get emails from companies saying my images are great but my account…

  4. Deeper Visual Layers

    25 Apr 2022
    I am very happy about one thing regarding my visual expression. No matter what Lens I have on my Camera, I now know how to use it. There is a big debate regarding Prime Lens Vs Zooms. I will not contribute to this, what I will say is Zoom Lens…

  5. Visual Glory

    20 Apr 2022
    The Golden Time of Day is early morning just after Sun Rise. It was bright and vivid - with Camera in hand, I created my first image. What made this shot significant was catching sight of the lady with the blond hair, it matched the quality of the light. Shortly…

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