The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Beautiful Life

    2022-08-11 22:11:42 UTC
    As I watch my mother in hospital, at no time do I feel resentful towards this experience I am having. Life has presented me with an opportunity to dig deeper into this human narrative and seek out the beauty in this reality…..sad as it is. Let’s go back in time.…

  2. 35mm | Back to Basics

    2022-08-10 20:49:20 UTC
    Today has been very interesting. In the morning, on my way to the Hospital, I decided to use my Nikon D700. The image above was created from my front porch Garden. I am totally smitten with the image quality coming from this Camera. The image below is a five image…

  3. 35mm | Creating Joy

    2022-08-10 16:07:54 UTC
    I have zero attachment to gear. I know what I like. I shoot Film with an old Canon A1 - it works fine. In 2013, I was toying with the idea of the 5D MK iii. I went with The Nikon D90 - I loved that camera. These two images…

  4. Letting Go

    2022-08-09 19:40:28 UTC
    Life and Death represent the paradox Lao Tzu speaks of in his2nd Verse of The Tao Te Ching. Each create the other. Living this great paradox is part of the great way for all of us. Acceptance. Peace. Serenity. Equanimity. To be committed without attachment provides an access to letting…

  5. 35mm CF | 14mm Epic Frame

    2022-08-09 15:46:10 UTC
    By now, you will know how much I love the Classic Frame of 35mm and its matching optics. The slightly Wider Frame of 28mm is my natural visual expression. 28mm & 35mm are very close to each other so my choice in using one over the other comes down to…

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