The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Sweet 16

    04 Nov 2021
    1.4 or 2.8. I chose 2.8 simply because of F22. The 16mm on a crop sensor is equal in field of view to a 24mm on a full frame. The XF16mm F2.8 has an Aperture of F22. This is pure photographic storytelling heaven. The depth of field is epic. I…

  2. The Wider Frame

    03 Nov 2021
    35mm is the classic Frame. It set the standard for visual expression. The simplicity of this Frame created legends in this field. My three heroes were Gordon Parks, Henry Cartier Bresson and Joel Meyerowitz The classic frame would be used for many different visual expression. Specifically by the focal length…

  3. Fashion Item

    02 Nov 2021
    Thorsten Overgard said, “wear your camera everwhere”. He went even further by saying, “your camera is part of your fashion statement” - or words to that effect. I cannot create images if I don’t have my camera with me. It’s that simple. It’s a life style habit now. What I…

  4. The Light At Night | Ptllll

    01 Nov 2021
    Shooting at night is pure magic. You have to get the timing right. It’s all about The Blue Hour. I checked the forecast for Sunset and it said 17:38pm. However, I noticed the light levels dropping by 16:30pm There were no clouds and I felt it looked promising for some…

  5. Sunday Vision

    31 Oct 2021
    The morning light is equally as powerful as the light at night. The golden time of day is very spiritual, I feel it. It’s a very short window of time before the Sun makes its full presence known. By which time, creating images takes on a different vibe. That warm…

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