The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Visual Database

    2024-04-18 15:14:42 UTC
    Visual Database. What does this mean? My friend and coach Bryan Peterson encouraged me to practice using all of my Lens; this is focal range from 10mm right up to 300mm. This covers my Nikon & Fuji Equipment. This study has taught me how all of my Lens see the…

  2. Embracing The Landscape

    2024-04-16 16:26:35 UTC
    I really love seeing through the vision of The Wide Angle Lens. It gives me a very compelling and immersive experience to work with. I found it complex at first. With such a wide frame and deep, I realised I needed to be 100% responsible for the content I wish…

  3. Storytelling Vision

    2024-04-14 20:22:10 UTC
    When I see through the eyes of my stunning Lens, The XF 10-24mm F4 l, my neighbourhood takes on an expansive vision. The Wide Angles does that. It forces me to see the whole world through a deep and wide narrative. This way of seeing and documenting is about telling…

  4. Framing & Composing

    2024-04-01 20:49:16 UTC
    The 35mm Frame is the industry standard. That Frame from a Roll of Film set the context for all that we create as image creators. In the digital world, the 35mm Full Frame is the same dimensions: 24mm x 36mm. The diagonal measurements of the 35mm Frame is 42mm. Logic…

  5. The Great Passion

    2024-03-30 17:46:20 UTC
    The Passion of Jesus Christ is the greatest story ever told. Whatever you hold Jesus to be, just consider for a moment the implications of his extraordinary life, death and ressurection. What could this mean for you? Think on it. This time of year celebrates his life with an astonishing…

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