The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Simplicity

    2023-12-12 21:51:00 UTC
    My photography has reached a very interesting point. I don’t need much gear. Yes, I succumbed to the addiction of more and yet, I know I can now create happily with something as simple and humble as the 50mm Lens. I like the 50mm. While it’s not my favourite or…

  2. Looking For A Story

    2023-11-27 23:29:21 UTC
    The Story begins with the Light. Where the light falls gives shape and brings forth an expression of life. The image above caught my attention one early morning. I was fascinated by the Light display.

  3. In Search of Mystery

    2023-11-22 00:38:39 UTC
    Every image I have created is a self portrait. That’s my Photography. Studying Photography has opened me up to a part of myself I didn’t know existed. I am fascinated by different cultures. It’s a great mystery to me that traveling as much as I have has shown me how…

  4. X-Pro 1 & The D700

    2023-10-02 15:17:02 UTC
    Today is a day where I came to a realisation about two special cameras. I may be wrong; I am only going by the results of my raw file edits. The X-Pro 1 & The Nikon D700 are one and the same. The image quality, rendering and colours look identical…

  5. Portrait Moments

    2023-10-01 16:58:35 UTC
    This moment was Frame worthy for obvious reasons.My documentary instincts kicked in and……..Snap. He nodded and as he passed me by and  I smiled.A few moments passed by when I saw him approach me. He asked if he could see the Photograph I took and loved it. He asked me…

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