The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Between Worlds

    2022-08-16 19:50:05 UTC
    Seeing my mother like this has been one part sadness and another part fascinated observer. You read that right; I am observing my Mother in this last stage of her life. Don’t get me wrong, I could die before her, however, this experience has given me a unique opportunity to…

  2. EDC | Peace, Stillness & Equanimity

    2022-08-15 16:11:59 UTC
    I am using my X-Pro 1 as my everyday Camera right now. I am enjoying it because it is forcing me to slow down. Slowing down means I can be still enough to be at peace. Being Still provides a space for Acceptance. Acceptance is the access to Peace. Peace…

  3. Life on The Canal

    2022-08-15 09:36:15 UTC
    How we choose to lives and express ourselves is a creative process, None more so than choosing to live on a Canal Boat or Barge. The Grand Union Canal is the backdrop to an extraordinary vision of creative expression. This part of London, Little Venice is a beautiful location and…

  4. X-Pro 1 | My EDC

    2022-08-13 21:12:52 UTC
    If you have read my Journal entries, you will have noticed one core thing about my photographic education; I like testing my skill with different options. This year, I was blown away by The Nikon D700, for one reason only…..IMAGE QUALITY. In a recent Journal Entry, I did an image…

  5. Light & Life

    2022-08-13 20:32:07 UTC
    I was pausing for a moment. Thinking; What shall I call this Journal Entry? I took a quick look at the images I created and felt “Light & Life”. Light & Life have a relationship. Life has flourished because of the life sustaining power of…….our always on Sun🌞. The Sun…

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