The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. 35mm | Old & New

    2022-08-01 07:33:04 UTC
    This apartment building looks like it has seen better days. This is where I played as a boy. People still live here. You cannot ignore the derelict condition. Across the road is a new vision. It looks like a different part of London - a more affluent setting for urban…

  2. 35mm CF | Layers Part 3

    2022-07-31 21:09:23 UTC
    The potential for a deeper narrative is always present. It’s all about being open, receptive and responsive. Seeing in Layers has now become a part of my visual tool box of skills. This is a beautiful way to add visual interest. I realised this storytelling technique is something I have…

  3. 35mm CF | Layers Part 2

    2022-07-31 12:56:05 UTC
    From the moment I got off the Bus, I started to see it; multiple subjects and stories. It has always been there - I have always seen it. What’s interesting is I was not aware of this context; Shooting in Layers. My Camera is set to give me good depth…

  4. 35mm -CF | Layers

    2022-07-31 07:31:41 UTC
    Layers. Multiple elements within the Frame. This is my next study - seeing deeply into the visual narrative. The Classic Frame and its complimentary 35mm Lens has opened my eyes, literally. The Frame is wide - enough, to accommodate a complex, chaotic narrative. This means being responsible for what I…

  5. 35mm CF | Architecture

    2022-07-30 19:56:54 UTC
    This image speaks volumes about the versatility of the Classic Frame. I don’t consider myself an Architectural Photographer. I do appreciate the aesthetics, lines and formation. As an Image Creator, I just felt it important to be competent and effective with my Camera. This means no subject is off limits…

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