The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Deep Vision | Landscape by Another Name

    2022-06-11 22:09:52 UTC
    Long before bricks and mortar, it was just land. On this land was built shelter out of sticks, mud, branches and leaves. Times have changed and progress of epic proportions. The Land has been a constant. My neighbourhood presents an environment that is charismatic and worthy of documenting. The wider…

  2. Deep Vision | Layers

    2022-06-11 13:25:05 UTC
    With such a wide field of view, my scene will take in a lot of information. This creates an epic visual narrative. For me, using the XF16mm means asking a very important question; what is the context? With these three images, the Context is Road Works in my neighbourhood. This…

  3. Deep Vision | The XF 16mm F 1.4

    2022-06-10 18:22:16 UTC
    There isn’t one bad Lens in my Tool Box. The Fuji Lens line up has reached epic proportions now. Each Lens in my Kit serves a specific function. The 18mm is my normal vision everyday lens. I see Wide and Deep. The XF 16mm is only 2mm in difference but…

  4. Exploring Beauty

    2022-06-10 14:30:39 UTC
    My journey over the last seven years has brought me in direct conversation with this paradox of Beauty. As Lao Tzu write in his 2nd Verse of The Tao Te Ching; “When everyone in the world sees beauty, then ugly exists. This Paradox and duality lives right at the core…

  5. The Study of Colour | Moments

    2022-06-09 21:51:49 UTC
    I was contemplating today, again, Why? Why am I doing this? I am not a Professional. My Images lives mostly in Cyber Space - Instagram, this Blog space for whoever cares enough. I Print my Images only when I feel COMPELLED to do so. Why, what is the point? It’s…

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