The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Mum

    30 Jun 2021
    Everyday is different. The only certainty is knowing that I need to just let the day play out. Cannot plan or prepare. Equanimity is my shield 🛡. Mum is cool. I let her be when Dementia strikes. On a good day, I see the woman who raised me. On another…

  2. Golden Hour

    05 Jun 2021
    For some strange reason, I am getting earlier without even trying. 06:00 am This means when I go for my morning coffee, I am catching the golden time of day. The golden hour is the magical light early morning and sunset. This is what we live for. The last few…

  3. A New Expression

    01 Jun 2021
    Over the Bank Holiday, I experienced a new expression in my image creation. It was perfect weather for a nice walk. I decided to document a the three Bridges that cross The Grand Union Canal. The Grand Union Canal starts at The Paddington Basin and cuts right through Little Venice…

  4. My Favourite

    31 May 2021
    Unlike most Photographers, it took me a long while before I gelled with my 50mm 1.8. This Lens I got for my Nikon D90. It felt long and at that time I didn’t know about the 1.5 Crop Factor. It turned this Lens into a 75mm Lens. I was confused…

  5. Visual Poetry

    11 May 2021
    Visual Poetry & Philosophy: expression of Light. No light, no image. The original canvass was a backdrop of Black. Let there be Light; what a glorious moment. This was the beginning, the Genesis of all creation. The Birth of The Sun became a landmark event. Today, I can hold The…

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