The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Subject Matter

    2021-12-15 19:34:00 UTC
    Once you see it, everything changes. I have read about this subject from many photographers. They often said, “expose for the highlights”, seeing the Light. While it made sense in terms of understanding English, it was quiet baffling in practical terms. These images from my Archive represent a game changing…

  2. XT1

    2021-12-15 17:42:26 UTC
    I have been using my X-T1 since 2014. I still use it today. It works and delivers fantastic images. The Retro Styling has initiated many conversation about the days of analogue Cameras. I am not skilled enough to review a Camera. My writings are about my adventures and the images…

  3. 10,000

    2021-12-14 13:28:15 UTC
    “Your first 10,000 images will be your worst”. Henry Cartier Bresson The grand master preceded Malcolm Gladwell by several decades. Think about this, 10,000 hours or images before you actually start to achieve some semblance of competency and effectiveness in a chosen discipline. I have crossed this threshold a long…

  4. Archive Memories

    2021-12-11 18:09:39 UTC
    Reviewing my Archive from the last 9 years has been quite an adventure. It has left me stunned, sad, happy, grateful and curious. My images reveal a deep connection to life and beauty in the ordinary. What is considered ordinary very often is the access to inspiration. My Archive is…

  5. Reviewing My Archive

    2021-12-08 15:29:11 UTC
    I was thinking deeply about my expression as a photographer. Why? What’s my purpose in this? While going through my Archive, I felt the stirring of an answer. Life is Beautiful - La Vita Bella. I coined a phrase a while back called the expression of life. If life is…

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