The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. X100F: Blue Hour

    2021-10-06 19:50:39 UTC
    The X100 series is now on The V and from what I have read and seen, it appears to be a magnificent update.I started with the X100T and I loved everything about that Camera…..everything…….except…..the Battery. I upgraded to the X100F and have been absolutely delighted with this little fella. I…

  2. Education

    2021-10-06 14:59:03 UTC
    Since 2013, I have studied photography through reading books. This has been my preferred learning method. Being deaf means I don’t function very well in live classrooms. Having said that, I have participated in several Workshops with Bryan Petersen. Bryan’s Workshops took place in Seattle and were an epic adventure.…

  3. James Bond Day

    2021-10-06 07:55:07 UTC
    October 5th 1962 set in motion a cultural phenomenon. Bond…James, Bond. When Sean Connery uttered those words he created a template for all the 007s actors to follow. Dr No was the first book to be made into a film although it wasn’t the first book written by Ian Fleming.…

  4. The Orignal Canvass

    2021-09-30 16:47:41 UTC
    Let’s imagine for a moment. That moment before, THE BIG BANG. What colour do you think was present? There was no universe created……yet. No Sun or Moon No Earth. And then BOOM💥 It began. Creation. Billions of years of evolution. The birth of our always on Strobe……The Sun. Let there…

  5. Identity

    2021-09-30 11:28:08 UTC
    Who am I? This is a question I ask myself regularly. My answers vary on a given day. On a good day, I can feel great joy being a student in the craft of magic. On another day, I can feel totally inadequate as my mother’s Carer. As I look…

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