The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. FV | A Wonderful Greeting

    2023-01-09 12:08:49 UTC
    I was greeted by The Moon this morning. It was very close viewing it from my kitchen window. I grabbed my Camera and longest Lens - The XF 55-200mm. Zoomed in at 200mm to create this moment. This early morning gift reminded me that everything is ok. The Moon provides…

  2. FV | Moody January

    2023-01-08 23:49:28 UTC
    January is moody month for me; the death of my mother has only added to my melancholy. Living in London means this time of year will be cold, overcast, flat Light, snow and rain. All of this has an impact on how my Camera renders the colour in my images. …

  3. FV | A Landscape of Mystery

    2023-01-07 20:23:47 UTC
    The Human Face. A Landscape of Mystery. A DNA composite of Mum & Dad. Who am I? Who are You? What is the narrative behind the eyes; the window to the soul? I am fascinated by the human face; we all look so different and yet, we all share the…

  4. FV | The XF 56mm 1.2

    2023-01-07 18:30:03 UTC
    This is my final test drive before my adventure kicks off. This Fresh Vision and Field of View is as exciting as it gets. The Fujifilm XF56mm 1.2 is the X-Systems 85mm. I have had this Lens a long time, it has not received much love from me. Using it…

  5. FV | Party Time

    2023-01-06 23:42:59 UTC
    I met Paul Atherton just before Christmas. I really enjoyed his company. He invited me to his after Christmas Party and it was great fun. A very nice mix of people showed up. As always I had my Camera with me to document the event. I learnt a few things…

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