The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. SFS: Engagement

    2021-12-26 23:38:27 UTC
    A story in a single Frame has one objective; you get the point straight away. This moment was picture perfect as visual narratives go: Four people Two people, know each other - they were engaged with each other. On closer examination, the man on the left is on his phone,…

  2. SFS: Narrative

    2021-12-26 20:20:00 UTC
    The Single Frame Narrative creates its own context. The Frame work encapsulates the visual conversation. This Frame reveals what is or once was. The environment for Christmas Trees. They are all being cleared away for another year. If you have been following my Journal, you will have known what this…

  3. SFS: Solitude

    2021-12-26 00:29:29 UTC
    A story in a single frame communicates a specific mood, the narrative is spot on. I created this image during a workshop a few years ago. This was in Olympic National Park in Seattle. I felt it is a perfect example of what this new project is about. I am…

  4. SFS: Stillness

    2021-12-25 20:04:13 UTC
    A story in a single frame invites participation - like this chair. Unless we participate, the usefulness of this chair is muted. I see things differently. The moment I created this image, I just felt still. Like this chair, profound stillness came over me. What was I waiting for? Nothing.…

  5. SFS: If in Doubt, Shoot.

    2021-12-24 15:01:18 UTC
    Some moments can make for an interesting image but have zero emotional content. I was more attracted to the Primary Colour, the pattern of repeated chairs and the message in the middle. Yellow Chairs. An invitation for Coffee and yummies. It all adds up to any opportunity to sit, relax…

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