The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Lockdown Tourist

    2022-05-06 18:22:03 UTC
    My Daily walks are a reminder to live in a state of gratitude. The last two years have meant no traveling. So, I have documented my life during this lockdown recording images of life in my neighbourhood. My neighbourhood is lovely. Maida Vale is calm, peaceful with a still serene…

  2. The Frame

    2022-05-05 17:13:40 UTC
    This is where it begins. The Frame. 35mm is the industry standard context for creating an image. This Frame from the days of film Photography set the bench mark. It’s makes perfect sense to me and my thinking that the 35mm Lens is a perfect match for this Frame /…

  3. The Wider Frame

    2022-05-04 19:29:50 UTC
    I love The Wider Context to my classic frame. To be clear, the classic frame is 35mm as on a frame of film and digital sensor - this means using a 35mm Lens and learning how to work it. I love the classic 35mm Lens - my visual field of…

  4. The Perfect Lens

    2022-05-04 12:21:53 UTC
    It has taken me a while to discover this. Henri Cartier said my first 10,000 images will be my worst. I think I have clocked that number of images since 2013. I feel confident now in my choice of Lens: 28mm - 35mm - 50mm - 70mm & 85mm Lets…

  5. IWA Canalway Cavalcade

    2022-04-30 22:15:08 UTC
    Today was really interesting. It was the start of the Inland Waterways Cavalcade. This celebration of community life takes place every year on The May Day Bank Holiday. It brings together the community of Little Venice who choose to live on The Grand Union Canal. I missed it last year…

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