The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Kodachrome Before Argentina

    11 Apr 2019
    I leave for South America tomorrow so I thought I would create and practice a few more images with my Kodachrome Simulation today. I really love this Digital Recipe of Kodachrome. I must thank FujiXWeekly for sharing his ideas and experimentation. It has inspired me to create my own Fuji…

  2. Kodachrome - Expressive Colours

    10 Apr 2019
    In studying old images shot on Kodachrome, I have to accept that film and digital are two different components. So be it. What is fascinating is how the Fuji Engineers can create such a wonderful digital profile that matches their Films. I still shoot Film as part of my work…

  3. Kodchrome - A New Love Affair

    09 Apr 2019
    I have no doubt in my mind, if Kodachrome film was available today I would be shooting roll after roll. I am so happy that it is possible to create a digital version of the Kodachrome look in camera on my X100T. I must give credit to Fujixweekly. This kind…

  4. Kodachrome On Fuji

    08 Apr 2019
    My journey in image creation began way after the era of Kodachrome Film. This was magic from another dimension. Having studied the work and images of Steve McCurry I came to appreciate this very special roll of Colour Film. It is no longer in production - if it was, a…

  5. My Journey So Far

    07 Apr 2019
    This image of The Great Wall of China will forever by a reminder of where my Photography was eight years ago. This was created using a camera I still pine for, The Nikon D90. In hindsight, I question myself now as to why I sold it for an upgrade? Silly…

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