The Adventures of The Fuji Warrior

  1. French Students in Canary Wharf

    Date 10 May 2017
    I was in Canary Wharf on Business today and I met some French students before my Business Meeting. I initialy saw this image above and caught the shot, what happened next caught me by surprise. The young man leapt into the air and did backward flip - I had my Camera in…

  2. Self Image

    Date 09 May 2017
    Every photograph I take is a self portrait. Thanks to my mentor Bryan Peterson for that beautiful insight. How do you see your self?   Think about this question please.   Do you “see” yourself because of your reflection in a mirror?   Imagine for a moment if there was no such thing…

  3. Brick Lane

    Date 08 May 2017
    This is where my adventure started, Aldgate East Station last Sunday. The night before, I made up my mind to visit the east end of London just stroll taking in this iconic part of London. I loved every minute of it. I have driven through this part of town many times, however,…

  4. News Flash

    Date 05 May 2017
    Daily news, it keeps us all up to date with current and world affairs. It’s the same new everyday happening to someone else. Britexit, death, politics, unhappiness left right and centre. A total absence of joy. The big news was Prince Phillip stepping down from his Royal Duties. The even bigger…

  5. Honour our Elders

    Date 03 May 2017
    I saw this elderly gentleman taking shots last Saturday and I just had to say hello. He was friendly and gracious, we chated briefly about cameras and shooting. This encounter got me thinking. I just had this feeling in my heart - if I can be out shooting well into my…

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