The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Chasing Butterflies

    2018-06-11 20:37:52 UTC
    Chasing Butterflies is my yearly connection at The Natural History Museum. This year, I experienced them being quite lively. I set my shutter speed quite high because they were really gorgeous - full of life and colour. My abiding memory of this experience is simply an awe inspiring feeling that…

  2. Magical Amsterdam

    2018-06-05 15:00:06 UTC
    The city of Amsterdam calls me back. I read in the news paper that EURO Star would be traveling direct to Amsterdam in under four hours. Earlier this year I traveled by train to Glasgow which was easy enough. Not to boring or tedious. So I thought a train journey…

  3. Emotional Content

    2018-05-22 22:25:23 UTC
    There are some moment whilst out walking when I just feel compelled to shoot and or create an image. This to me is photography. It is important to me that my camera is with me at all times, just like my deck of cards, I just don’t leave home with…

  4. A Painful Privilege

    2018-05-17 14:36:50 UTC
    I always wanted to visit this place. I learnt about it at school, never thought it would happen. My career as a magician and world traveler has presented me with many experiences to travel. My recent trip to Krakow, Poland meant I had the opportunity to visit Auschwitz and I…

  5. Street Life in Zagreb

    2018-01-31 15:37:52 UTC
    Life on the streets of Zagreb can be hazardous for a deaf person like myself. I need to be extra careful be because the Trams are busy. Cars and Trams in both directions. I felt for this old man, because I saw the car coming and thought I hope he…

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