The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Royal Blue

    2017-12-24 13:03:51 UTC
    Understanding COLOR in Photography with Bryan Peterson part 2.  The  Today’s adventure is all about seeing in Blue.   Blue is my favourite Colour so this one feels good to me.  Psychological impact of the colour blue is one of serene dependable trust. Calmness, peace and serenity.  When I left my…

  2. Chasing Rainbows

    2017-12-24 12:57:22 UTC
    My friend and Teacher Bryan Peterson has written a most wonderful book called Understanding COLOR in Photography. This books reveal some amazing secrets about how color in our world has an impact on our moods, psychology and emotional states/behaviour whenever we look at a photograph. This is very powerful. This…

  3. Land of the Giants

    2017-10-16 20:58:32 UTC
    I really love the mini figures from Lego. Photographing them is great with a macro Lens and Flash set up. My interest has been Marvel Comics, Star Wars and Movie Characters. One of the things I found frustrating was having to purchase the big Lego Sets just to build my…

  4. The Lego Architecture Studio

    2017-10-10 11:27:16 UTC
    The Lego Architecture Studio is amazing. It is full of White Bricks, plates and an odd assortment of pieces for creative expression. The thought occurred to me that many top Designers and Architects probably played with Lego as young boys and girls so this set is perfect for creative thinking…

  5. Expanding the Mind

    2017-10-10 10:47:48 UTC
    My Photographic expression has now moved into Close-up Photography. From Bugs, Ants, Bees to Lego. Yes, The Lego Federation has become big part of my photography and it has been a wonderful learning adventure. The Process of building something is wonderful. I really enjoy the building stages and photographing each…

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