The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. FV | Standard Vision ?

    2023-01-06 08:03:02 UTC
    The 50mm Lens is a wonderful optics. It sets the standard for everything in my Photography. While this is not my natural vision and field of view, I do appreciate the skill involved to make this field of view work in harmony with the 35mm Frame. I am choosing my…

  2. FV | Preparing for an Adventure

    2023-01-05 15:33:07 UTC
    Every adventure begins with preparation. My next adventure is no different. I won’t say what it is for now, I will simply share my preparation and why. Over the last few days, I have been experimenting with different focal Lengths. Yesterday, my Vision was set to 35mm. Today, I set…

  3. FV | XF 23mm 1.4 - A Fuji Masterpiece

    2023-01-04 23:44:35 UTC
    The 35mm Frame is a gorgeous Canvass to work on. In my mind, the 35mm Frame and The 35mm Lens is a perfect partnership for creating images. This combination cannot be beaten simply because they have been designed to work together in symbiotic harmony. Yes, it is a Wide Frame…

  4. FV | Detail

    2023-01-03 20:38:41 UTC
    Fresh Vision and Detail go hand in hand. Something catches my eye snd Shazam, my investigation begins. The image above is a case in point. “FROM NOTHING TO SOMETHING” Every creative act begins with a blank canvass. From Nothings; Let there be Light To Something; the creation of our universe…

  5. FV | Responding to Life

    2023-01-02 23:31:04 UTC
    Welcomd to Fresh Vision. This is just a context to create new and exciting images from. Fresh Vision is about seeing and feeling deeply. There is a deeper narrative I am opening myself up to. It’s all in the details that catch my eye. It’s a fearless and charismatic approach…

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