The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Who Are You?

    19 Feb 2019
    This questions has been asked by many. Some find the answer. For others, they may leave this drama with not really understanding why they even lived. Some moments in my life remind me that it was not designed to be stressful, complicated or painful. Challenging yes. Creatively transforming. Birds fly…

  2. Top of The Morning

    22 Jan 2019
    There I are some things in this world that defy explanation. This goes beyond all logic and heartfelt emotional confusion we humans experience on Planet Earth. I just woke up and saw this. I grabbed my camera my XT1 and paired it with the Fuji 55-200mm. That’s my longest reach…

  3. Inspired Moments

    04 Jan 2019
    There are images waiting to be created everywhere. This was staring me in the face. What did I see? I saw the reason for Colour. Light. A single Flame, a Candle, a Red Bowl. The colourful ambience of the Thai Restaurant I was in. Most importantly, my XPro2 was by…

  4. 3rd Day 2019

    03 Jan 2019
    Just finished a meeting with a friend at Church. Created this image. A Marble Statue of Jesus. I love it. I love Jesus. Out stretched arms, baring his wounds. It speaks to me - all is well, come to me. A beautiful invitation. To come and rest. Symbolic. On the…

  5. Creative Act

    26 Dec 2018
    Sometimes, I just need to create an image just to see what it will look like. It begins with seeing. What I see may inspire me or not. If it does, then I check in with my feelings about what I see. It only takes a second, yes, it’s that…

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