The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. 365 Part II

    2023-03-20 16:57:01 UTC
    Fresh Vision - 36517.03.202357/36509:17am“Dog’s Life”#petsandowners #dogs #dogcarriers #XT1 #xf35mf14 ________________________________________ Fresh Vision - 36518.03.202358/36513.34pm“Baby Yoda”#Xt1 #xf35mf14 #babyyoda #starwars ________________________________________ Fresh Vision - 36519.03.202359/36513:38pm“Training Wheels”#xt1 #xf35mf14 #traningwheels # ________________________________________ Fresh Vision - 36520.02.202360/36511:58 am“Frisky”#Xt1 #xf60mmf24r #squirells #365photography ________________________________________ Fresh Vision - 36521.03.202361/36515:09“The World Outside”#xt1 #xf35mmf2 #outside #365photography ________________________________________ Fresh Vision 22.03.2023…

  2. 10,000 Images

    2023-03-19 10:06:15 UTC
    I can’t and never will argue with a grand master. Henri Cartier Bresson was right. “Your first 10,000 Images will be your worst” Henri Cartier Bresson; he preceded Malcolm Gladwell by several decades with that statement. Everyday, when I go out with my Camera, I am learning something new. This…

  3. People Power | Voice of The United

    2023-03-15 17:16:15 UTC
    This is why I never leave home without my Camera. I leave home expecting to see something that makes my life as a Photojournalist meaningful. Civil Servants, School Teachers, Doctors, People from Transport for London all went on a nation wide strike over Pay. These people have taken a stand…

  4. The Light of Spring

    2023-03-14 20:51:33 UTC
    The Light of Spring showed up today. Tomorrow’s forecast is Sunshine……until 13:00 pm. I am getting up early😀 The last few weeks have felt very oppressive. No Sun. Brooding Daylight. It suppressed my Spirit considerably. This time of Wintering is brutal. The arrival of Spring is such a blessing. The…

  5. Moments

    2023-03-13 20:25:22 UTC
    Street Photography is all about being open, receptive and responsive to life. It’s a good training in observation and sensitivity. Some moments leave me conflicted; should I or not? The human condition and expression of life is full of drama, conflict, paradox, juxtaposition, comedy and tragedy. I am open to…

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