The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. When The Old Becomes New Again

    2018-07-20 01:37:46 UTC
    This image was created five years ago on my Canon EOS 500n. It is quite ironic looking at this image now. Back then, while I was interested in Photography, it did not full land me how significant shooting on film would be for me. I have fully embraced creating images…

  2. Back To The Future

    2018-07-18 19:42:36 UTC
    The image above was created today using, my iPhone and edited on my phone using Snapseed. I find this interesting; technology has moved on since I first purchased The Canon EOS 500N. I have a lot of print photographs. In fact, It took amazing photographs, I remember taking to South…

  3. Hookers & Junkies

    2018-07-17 17:56:18 UTC
    This moment really got my attention. What’s your addiction?We all have an addiction of some kind or another. We have all compromised ourselves at some point in our lives. A woman can sell her body.A junkie can shoot up.An alcoholic can binge.A business man can neglect his family chasing the…

  4. 35mm Film

    2018-07-16 23:04:24 UTC
    This blog story is rather unusual for me as a Fuji Shooter. Long before my Fuji make over, I shot an entire week using just my old Canon 35mm Film Camera - what an adventure that was. This was five years ago, how do I know? That’s how long the…

  5. A True Artist

    2018-07-16 12:45:25 UTC
    FISM is the place to be if you desire to be a witness to something extraordinary. I feel very happy to share this because I was a witness to one of the most beautiful expressions of magic I have ever experienced. Miguel Munoz had joined a list of great magicians…

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