The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Expanding My Comfort Zone

    27 Jan 2017
    The Comfort Zone is a very insidious place to live. While it feels safe, warm and cozy, it robs us of the possibility to grow and become more than what we think we can. As a professional magician by trade, the very nature of practicing legerdemain, sleight of hand etc,…

  2. The Reform

    23 Jan 2017
    Today was fascinating. I coached a student in the fine craft of card magic at one of the most prestigious private members clubs in the world - The Reform As soon as I walked into the club, I knew I was in the presence of history. It was first established…

  3. Light, Colour & Gesture

    22 Jan 2017
    One of my favourite Photographers is the legendary Jay Maisel. He is famous for the photographic work he did on the classic album “Kind of Blue” by Miles Davis His book “Light, Colour & Gesture” really opened my eyes. It inspired me to see deeper into the context of my…

  4. Master & Apprentice

    14 Jan 2017
    Image Copyright Damien Lovegrove Circa 1999-2003 The photograph above was taken at a wedding over 16 years ago.  I was having a drink at the bar, when the photographer said "strike a pose Mike". This image has become one of my favourite professional shots and has seen some action around…

  5. Back to Birmingham

    11 Jan 2017
    I am back in Birmingham for a short spell, working with my friend Jin Lee and his team Secret Forest. Secret Forest specialise in Photography and Videography. We are working on an exciting project which will expand the reach of Michael Vincent Magic. As you can imagine, I had my…

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