The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Advent in Zagreb

    02 Jan 2017
    It is a special time of year here in Zagreb. This is part of the new year celebration, The Advent. Consider it a Croatian version of Winter Wonderland that we have in Hyde Park. I just walked around town with my friend and brother Vladimir and just caught some photographs…

  2. January 1st 2017 - New Adventure

    01 Jan 2017
    This is the scene that greeted me on the first day of 2017 - a quiet, peaceful and empty stage for life to begin. I wasn’t expecting anything different. There was definitely signs of life from the night before, New Years Eve certainly leaves its mark on the environment. As…

  3. The X-Pro 2 : A New Vision

    31 Dec 2016
    I have been shooting seriously since 2013 My camera kit back then was the Nikon D90, with a graduation to the D7100 and the awesome D750. I am not going to lie, I love those cameras, particularly the D750 and I still get a lot of pleasure using them to…

  4. A Story……Waiting to be Told

    30 Dec 2016
    Some of my favourite images are very simple. I saw this moment and thought, “those chairs are waiting”. “Waiting to be filled with people, ready to enjoy a conversation and a smoke”. Simplicity and elegance go hand in hand for me. A photograph about people being sociable doesn’t need people…

  5. Heaven…… the palm of my hand.

    30 Dec 2016
    I wasn’t prepared for this. Love at first sight is a hackneyed cliche and yet, there is no deniying the impact of an emotional experience. Every great craftman loves the tools of his trade.  Michelangelo and his Hammer and Chisel. Stephane Grappelli and his Violin Roger Federer and his Tennis…

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