The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Working The Scene

    10 Sep 2019
    How do you know when you have created a decent image? I have read many tutorials about not settling for your first shot. Work the scene. These images above were all created with this conversation in mind. Here are a few more: I was practicing with my Manual Focus Lens…

  2. In the Zone

    08 Sep 2019
    The image above was shot at: ISO 400, Aperture F22 with a Shutter Speed of 1/2500 with a -2/3 exposure compensation. I also preset my Focus to 2 Meters - this resulted in a deep front to back sharpness of an image. There are a lot of Bicycles in Maida…

  3. An Ongoing Practice

    08 Sep 2019
    I just felt like shooting manual in the last few days. Using my old Canon FD24mm F2.8 on my XT1 gives me the best of both worlds. Retro styling from the form factor of the camera and a fully manual operation Lens. It’s a different vibe and discipline. This way…

  4. The Joy of it All

    06 Sep 2019
    It was my Mother’s Birthday this week and creating moments of her was important. The joy of image creation is about such moments. Having my Camera with me is part of my security. I also have at least two decks of cards with me. Memories to savour. Sharing moments. Creating…

  5. Nordisch Nobel 2019

    06 Sep 2019
    Whenever I Travel, I always have the mental task of deciding which kit to bring. My Travel Lens of choice is the XF 18-135mm. I love that Lens, it came as part of the Kit with my XT1 and I will not part with it. I recently returned home from…

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