The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. The Passage of Time

    23 Sep 2018
    As he entered this pocket of dappled Light, I felt compelled to create this image. This is Bill. I see him every day. Hello Bill, how are you? Ok…is his reply and off he went. Every interaction I have reminds me my days are numbered. How many heart beats do…

  2. Back To Basics | Enjoying My X100T

    23 Sep 2018
    When push comes to shove, keeping things simple in life is key to stress free living. This is why, hand on heart, I love my X100T. The Battery Life SUCKS. So what, I have 8 Batteries. On a good day, I can create images aggressively. Plus the fact, I transfer…

  3. Light | In the Rain

    20 Sep 2018
    This morning was good weather for chasing Light. Rain fell in a slowish drizzle. I did not mind. The overcast Light, diffused by heavy clouds gave me something to work with. Light Stories are everywhere. I am noticing my awareness being triggered more so now. The subject matter is not…

  4. Morning Conversation

    19 Sep 2018
    Every conversation is an opportunity for me to create a Portrait. This is Sean. He saw my camera in when I was doing my laundry this morning. He started telling about about Samuel Beckett. There is an exhibition on featuring Photographs of Irish Literary greats. Sean educated me today and…

  5. I See, I Feel & Create

    18 Sep 2018
    My deafness has transformed my world. I have days where I experience a sadness unlike anything I have ever known. On the flip side of this conversation is a story of profound joy. The ability to see. To rejoice. To celebrate……..The Light. Without Light, we would all experience Blindness. For…

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